Monday, May 19, 2008

Chapter Thirty: Frustration and Heartache is What You Got

If every music journalist is a failed musician then perhaps every blogger is a failed music journalist. Count me in for that generalization.

I failed to write a brilliant article on the Winnipeg scene of the late 80’s. I interviewed a few future legends and a few old warhorses and while the bands all did their part I never finished the damn article for the Manitoban.

One of my interviews was with Honest John and his Merry Men, a mild moniker for a band that encapsulated the history of Winnipeg punk rock; including singer Mitch Funk of Personality Crisis and the three former members of the Stretch Marks. Honest John (who have just recently re-formed for a local show) used to perform the Stretch Marks’ classic “Dog’s World with half the audience (yes, including yours tunelessly) singing the ‘arf, arf’ backing vocals. That night, Mitch said that he’d been offered good money to re-assemble PC for an East Coast tour but that his heart wasn’t in that old material.

Well his heart was pumping in the early 80’s when PC with Mitch’s hulking, yet animated, frame out front dominated the scene. Never a hardcore band per se, the band featured stinging, metallic guitar, steady beats and Mitch’s deep bass vocals. A band without a single clear antecedent (the NY Dolls influence is not pronounced) they simply stomped in the same way that DOA, who also had a taste for beer, rock and thrift store clothing, did. On this collection (which has all their studio tracks plus a live track) the hits come thick and fast with the anthemic, “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” and the pummelling “Mrs. Palmer” being early contenders for standout track. The album is relentless - so stay focussed till it's all finished, unlike yours truantly.

Enjoy this neglected masterpiece and be prepared to buy the re-issue when (and keep faith here - even if it’s never been on CD) it arrives.



  1. Thanks!! Always wanted to hear more by this outfit, only ever (I think) had the Something To Believe In track. Sounding good on a preliminary play...

  2. Keep enjoying and then check out punk not profit's recent posting of PC's fellow travelers Some Weird Sin.

  3. Haha, the failed music journalist becoming music blogger rings truefor me too. I wrote a review of a Pantera concert way back, produced a zine and wrote a NZ punk scene report for MRR and contributed to a couple of music free tabloids that are now no longer free.

  4. cool,just grabbed it now cheers jeffen look forward to the extra track that aint on mine

  5. Chris
    Better a failed music writer than a...a...I'm sad to say there really is no honourable way to finish that sentiment.


    Thanks for lighting the fire under my butt to post that PC. I always know exactly what my next post is gonna be till something new comes along.


  6. Wow...I just did a search on Jerry Jerry looking for his Road Gore album and came across your Aug '07 post. I can't believe you had a link to download it!!! I have been looking for a very long time for a copy of it. Unfortunately, the link is not working for me :( I don;t know if it's because I'm a mac user or it just isn't available any longer. During his Montreal years, he played in Ottawa at Zephod's and I did not miss an opportunity to see him! I was much disappointed when he returned to Edmonton. If there is any way I could download a copy of his Road Gore tunes (I have the Appt. CD) I would be eternally grateful!
    I don't use my blog much but drop me a note a

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  8. Shoo Shoo

    Hmmmm can't figure that one out - over 500 d/l's of that one with no complaint. I checked it myself and it worked for me.

    Let me know how it goes


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