Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ramones Clones III

Despite my voracious mid-90's pop-punk diet, I never glommed onto Cleavland's Beatnik Termites (and I did sample their work). Did I miss something? Back in 1997 they attacked Pleasant Dreams as if it was an album of their best originals and came within spitting distances of cutting the Ramones on the album's most memorable song - "The KKK Took My Baby Away". Then, with "You Sound Like You're Sick", they did end up beating the Ramones of 1981 at their own game. It's no wonder it's the only of these cover albums to have been both praised by Marky Ramone ("It was real good") and name checked on the Rhino Ramones re-issues' liner notes. Even if you think that covering an entire album is lame- you owe this a listen.


P.S. For a European take on Subterranean Jungle visit the ever-awesome Ratboy 69 who posted an often-fun version by the Tip-Toppers. A quick listen suggested to these (Canadian) ears that only Americans can really pull off Ramones mimicry - though a Chixdiggit version of Animal Boy would be great (Sloppy Seconds being possibly even better).

P.P. S. In 1997 former New Jersey-ites the Parasites fit the double-album It's Alive onto a single LP by doing the Japanese single disc version. The exhaustive (in the fun sense of that word) Hangover Heart Attack has posted it here. However, this album doesn't tell you anything that you need to know about this otherwise excellent band.


  1. gotta love those ramones tributes.
    i would also recommend:
    the methadones,
    the lillingtons and
    the huntingtons
    for more homages to da brudders.

  2. The header of this file is corrupt... cannot access the file.

  3. Nazz

    Amen on those three bands.

    Though I'd say the Methadones get the overall award with Lillingtons taking the best album honours ("Death By Television") and Huntingtons take a fun (but slightly flimsier) 3rd place.

    And we'll be discussing more Ramonesey goodness this month.


    It's always something - i re.rar'ed )ouch!) the file and put it on Rapidshare - let me know how it goes.

    Damn I hope you're voting early.


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