Monday, December 28, 2009

Sessions of the Damned

This CD collects up all of the Damned's BBC work from 1976 through till 1986. With it's rawer and sometimes better versions, it ends up functioning as alternate "Greatest Hits" album.

In many ways it's a drastic decade, going from the brutally raw "Neat, Neat, Neat" to the to the crooning goth-psych of "Is It a Dream?" but even the later material has some bollocks left (thanks Rat!) unlike, say, the Stranglers of this era and their Linn drums. Just saying...

MRML Readers: Whaddya think of the mid-eighties Damned?

Sessions of the Damned CD

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  1. see the band in their Eloise pomp,without Captain was another band but Rat was keeping together on stage,he was great fun to side,the low point of Damned career,but Edward The Bear(both 12" & lp versions)were great,also suspecting is a reworking of H.Badowsky Baby Sign Here...(same chords,same drum stop figure)a great slab of psych-pop...

  2. Best version of "Neat Neat Neat" anywhere.

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  4. They are a brilliant band they made brilliant punk rock and they made brilliant pop music. I have seen the Damned live more than any other band and they have always been great fun.

    Just one thing Jeff not all the bbc Peel stuff is on this cd as you mentioned as they could not fit all the peel sessions on one disc so a couple of tracks are here.

  5. Roberto
    Yeah the Damned have been many different bands but yet somehow there's a consistency between incarnations. I shall have to go and listen to "Edward the Bear" (and "Baby Sign Here").

    Damn I love that song!

    Yeah and I love how they transitioned between their phases rather graciously.
    Thanks for the tip on the different radio sessions - their discography is such a mess!

  6. I liked the goth Damned alot. The only Damned I wasn't crazy about was the post-Sensible early 90's stuff when Scabies was running the whole show with that "I'm Alright Jack In The Beanstalk" stuff. But even that was OK>

  7. I'm told most fans consider that nineties stuff to be a phony damned. But their goth stuff works well, it's no replacement for Machine Gun Etiquette but the songs are still really good.

  8. First saw The Damned in 1999 and 2000, then again in 2009. Always a great time. I appreciate the mid 80s version, not so much the early 90s (songs written by Alan Lee Shaw alone). But I love the current version. So Who's Paranoid? would be a great album for any band. Thanks for the posts!

  9. Yeah I never listened to the that 'fake' Damned of the 90's but the current version seems pretty ripping.


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