Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wreckless Eric's Hitsville House Band (1994)

By 1994, Wreckelss Eric (more HERE) had created another short-lived ensemble, oddly named, the Hitsville House Band. There's no drastic change in the Wreckless one's sound on the group's lone album, 12:00 Stereo, other than Eric's delving deeper into American country music. Like his first producer, Nick Lowe, Eric's work has always been inflected with steely melodies and emotional nakedness of country song-writing. "Guitar-Shaped Swimming Pool" (with its tip of the Stetson to Webb Pierce) and "Friend's on the Floor" (which squashes most Nashville song-writing beneath it's heel) represent the gut-bucket country aspect of the album. While raw, primal rock n' country courses through the album's grooves, Eric hasn't stopped writing pop songs like, "The Girl With the Wandering Eye", a devastatingly melodic post-mortem on love lost.


The Hitsville House Band were, according, to the liner notes:

DENIS BAUDRILLART -- drumset and maracas
ERIC GOULDEN -- succession of crapped-out guitars and organs, vocal
FABRICE LOMBARDO -- double bass, bass guitar, Javanese toe flute
André Barreau -- extra guitars, harmony vocals
Michael Lembach -- trumpet
Christoph Linder -- tenor & baritone saxes

MRML Readers,whaddaya think of this particular phase in Eric's ever-shifting muddle!!

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If any readers have a copy of the HHB's sole single, see below, please let me know!!


  1. Hey, we're back!
    It's been a crappy 2013, thus far, but hopefully we'll look past that and bring you some more life-ruining obscurity!

  2. This part of Wreckless career totally unknown to me but looking forward to hearing it. Thx

  3. Hello Jeffen,

    I’ve got a copy of the HHB’s cd single (reference: HUM 11)

    The tracks are
    1. "The Girl With the Wandering Eye''
    2. ''Lawrence of Arabia on Ice''
    3. ‘'Palace of Tears’’

    So as you can read, only track 2 is not on the album.
    I don’t know how send you these tracks you have to help me.

    1. Drop me a line at and we'll figure something out.
      Thanks for letting em know!

  4. thank you. your efforts are much appreciated.
    --lower case slim

  5. Hi Jeffen, I got this one on ebay recently, but if you do get track 2 from the single I would be very keen to hear it.

    Also not sure if you've listened to WEs radio shows, but they are great, and it looks likes he has just started sending them again: Link here:

    1. I heard he started doing the radio show again, I shall need to go check it out.
      Thanks for the link.

  6. Hey Jeffen

    Always enjoy Wreckless Eric!


  7. Thanks jeffen, I wasn't aware of this one. Another fine effort from Eric that unfortunately flopped. I like the sleeve for the single, boobage is always appreciated!


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