Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jesus Wolf Jacket

MRML’s one-year anniversary is upon us and how else to celebrate but to reflect back upon you, the almost 50,000 viewers, and how you got here. For our some anniversary assineness I've collected my twelve favourite search results that brought you to me. (Yes , I check Site Meter's referral section devoutly. .)

Comments are now required under International Law, Section 19

12. paul westerberg heroin use

(Celebrity drug abuse always pulls in the hits. )

11. stucco ruined by ice

(Nothing on siding here – move along)

10. obssesion with pain sexually

(Ilsa the e-dominatrix will field this one)

9. beware of strange voices in the wilderness reggae

(Great, now I’ve got to add ‘wilderness reggae’ to the list of things that keep me up at night)

8. merry men piece notes og guitar

(I make search typos too – though I don’t follow the links on them often enough)

7. I Ruined Tuesday Music

(Wednesday Music emerged unscathed)

6. download sex

(Technology has not kept pace with someone’s masturbatory needs)

5. british boy band early 90's sing french wiki pop music

(Clearly multiple searches Frankensteined together)

4. wav+Hey You ruined my record, man, I just bought it

(Now I want to find the wav file too...)

3. time of my life album includes what songs

(Ah the Magic Eight Ball kinda search)

2. text of:nothing to do (winnie pooh

(The Existentialist Tao of Pooh)

1. music songs with polka lyrics jesus wolf jacket.

(Did someone make a random search generator and not inform Boing Boing?)

Thanks for stopping by one and all - if you have an incredible search of your own ADD IT!.


  1. Bonus track

    Just in case I haven't self-referenced myself right up my own asshole, I'd like to add that this post already returned this charming search:

    "ruin my life christian song"


  2. Outtakes

    And of course the verbosely charming

    "lyrics in chorus sing 'unknown love i don't even remember her name' american house tune 1991"

  3. Hi Jeff!

    Micah recently told me about your blog, so I paid a visit. Really amazing stuff - I cannot believe how much you know about strange '80s punk rock. Downloading that Andy McCarroll stuff right now!

    Hope all is well with you. Drop me a line sometime and tell me what's going on: epjanzen@gmail.com.

    Ed Janzen

  4. Congratulations on reaching a year. I thought you'd been blogging for longer. I didn't even notice my blog's year anniversary.

    I was near the top on the charming search for "All men are cunts"

  5. Hello again jeffen. I wanted to invite you and your readers to my new social network that I have created. It's similar in appearance to myspace (minus all the hormone-crazed teenagers), but it is intended to serve as a hangout for artists, musicians, and music lovers. I have also included a forum category for music bloggers such as yourself to promote their blogs and share updates. If you are interested, here is the url:


    I hope to see you there. Take care.


  6. Ed ("Mind if I call you Eddy Baby")

    I'll drop you a line soon.



    Brutal search - glad it's been immortalized here.


    Thanks for the invite,I'll check it out.

  7. I think I found the guy who was searching for, "You ruined my record, man." This is from the middle of a 30-mashup suite called "Ritalin Ruckus".

  8. Yeah and apparently it comes from a Cheech and Chong routine - I have learned something!


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