Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Let ICFC Die

It Came From Canada Five killed the series. It wasn’t the quality of the entry: each of which rocks (my personal preference for numero four aside). Instead, like almost every one of their bands, the label found they had emptied the cultural morgue. Even Deja Voodoo showed contempt for nostalgia in its final track, “Let Elvis Die.” The many highlights of this final volume include RipcordZ (described by Gerald as “‘77 punk with ‘66 chord progressions”) who are one of the few ICFC bands to have never quit (Paul Gott cannot be killed), the hyped up-country of Hard Rock Miners (whose Michael Turner wrote the brilliant poem-novel Hardcore Logo). As well, Gordon Lightfoot finally shows up in the form of the Supreme Bagg Team’s rocked-out cover of “If You Could Read My Mind”, 64 Funycars ape The Dik Van Dykes (we here at MRML can appreciate an homage to an homage) and pop-punk rears its bespectacled head in the form of the Stand GT (more later). Taken as a whole, it’s a suitable epitaph.

In 1989 Og died, shot in the head by the indifference of their era. If only they could have seen the indie-grave-robbing orgy that was coming - in which case they might’ve pulled the trigger themselves!

Download V. 5


  1. thanks for # 5 - i actually had 1 - 4 on vinyl (have, still... in storage.) i guess i just got distracted before vol. 5 came out. interesting....

    (ps - is there an obvious password for v. 3 that i'm just missing?)


  2. Don't know how that password biz happened.

    Try the new link.

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