Sunday, October 26, 2008

Perhaps God May Not Have Made Dee Dee So Funky After All

Next, no obsessive's musical experience is complete without hearing the jaw-dropping oddity that is Dee Dee's rap album, Standing In The Spotlight. The album, (which, like all his solo work, doesn't even rate a mention in the discography at the back of Poison Heart) is a wreck. However, the awfulness of it all (check out those rhymes; "Snap, crackle, pop/I'm the master of hip-hop") fascinates, in that grisly accident sort of way. I got my copy, on cassette, from the dollar bin at the first records store I ever worked at and sold it within twenty-four hours. Dee Dee throws a lot at the wall here - B-5s's-ish rockabilly ("Mashed Potato"), nerdy Kool Moe Dee hip-hop ("2 Much 2 Drink"et al), schmaltzy pop ("Baby Doll") and a few punkers ("Poor Little Rich Girl" and "The Crusher") - and not much of it sticks. However, there is a poignancy to failure, especially the failure to break free of one's own shortcomings. So listen to learn, obsessives, about Dee Dee's failures and maybe our own.

Download Standing In The Spotlight

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  1. They had the "End of the Century" Ramones Documentary playing this weekend on TV.
    Is your posting just coincidence or were you watching too :)
    Cool doc,so funny seeing Dee Dee rap,lol.
    Thanks man

  2. Yeahman...this got be at least, some fun stuff...

    Hey, dude, can u repost The Equals...cause the link doesnt work anumore..seeya

  3. Hey Mark,

    I've been meaning to watch EOTC again - but on it's all some grand coincidence.


    I tried the Equals and it worked. Maybe check again.


    I never would have posted it if I didn't see some value in it and I really do like elements of it. Though I tried to be upfront about the fact that some of it really is hard to take for most listeners.


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