Thursday, October 16, 2008

Re-Uploaded III

Volume Three gets us back in the UK, where instead of soft rock (in the Kansas-Boston-Chicago) the kids of the late 70's recycled glam rock in the Gary Glitter/Sweet/Mott the Hoople mode and that Small-Faces/Who/Action mod sound of '65. Another crucial distinction was that while in America only a few highly-produced young power-pop bands made it onto US radio while many of these UK bands had real shot at chart domination. And it shows. Listening to Protex,The Stillettos, The Strangeways or the Newhearts and you're baffled; This wasn't a monster hit? Perhaps a glut of "The" bands with kicky tunes and punchy choruses overwhelmed the United Kingdom to the point that only now, thirty tears later, are we prepared to exhume their discarded treasures. Even the weak tracks are a joy, so dig in.

Download V. 3


  1. Thanks! I will have to try to remember to visit again and upload the rest of this series. I own over 2,000 cds and let's not get into albums and tapes -- no I am not proud actually. It's a sickness.

  2. I second. Thanks!... and it is a sickness just ask my wife! My name is Curty Ray and I am a music-aholic.

    BTW great blog thanks for all the hard work.

  3. dr. no

    A sickness for sure - maybe if the AMA adds it to its list of disorders I could end up on some kind of musical methadone program.

    curty ray
    Thanks for sharing.

    Speaking of sharing you deal some pretty fine material on your site.

    (I added a link to your Speedies post for V. 4.)

  4. Thanks for sharing this great series but I can't see the link for volume 2. Am I blind?

  5. Yup, it's under the DivShare players I just checked it and it's been accessed 34 times!

    Glad you're liking it.

  6. Thanks. It doesn't actually show up in Safari (your Dylan/"When the Ship Comes In" post actually shows up under the cover image) , but it does in Firefox. Must be a Mac thing. Thanks again.

  7. The DivShare players don't show up at all in Safari.

    In the Dylan post the player does show up but is obscured.

    Did I get that all right?

    (I'm just figuring this business all out.)

    Thanks for the feedback.


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