Sunday, July 19, 2009

G.I. - Six On One Disc

We've discussed the Mod Revival Revival here before. The movement, worthy of a single CD Nuggets-styled compilation, bridged the gap between the mid nineties garage rock revivalists and the pop-punk kids. G.I Productions as label helped this along by comps like the retro-centric Six On A Disc. This disc gathered the mid-nineties indie strains of power-pop (the Decibels, "Radio") , garage rock (the Peeches, "Well Worth Talkin' About"), pop-punk (the Bomb Bassetts,"Take a Trip") and mod (the Gain, "She Said") together. Since it's a sampler (based on the labels' early release), this collection is strong and filler-free.

Six On A Disc Volume One CD

This compilation was orignally posted on the first incanation of the mighty Twilight Zone (the grandaddy of obscure music blogs) and Blogmaster RYP gave his blessing to re-post it here.


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  2. That Decibel's song is great but does no one understand what dB's stands for? I mean they even have an album title that explains the situation!

    Also, I have yet to hear a bad cover of "She Said She Said". Please don't find one.

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  4. Ah the dB's vs. the Decibels, two fine underloved power-pop bands. Maybe the Decibels album could've been called "Abbreviated as dB's"


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