Sunday, July 5, 2009

Walker: Actually Being Lonely...

This is a request from the Fall Of Mr. Fifths. Walker were a pop-punk band from La Fayette, Indiana who existed between 1993-1997 and sounded like a cross between prime J Church (they even cover an old Lance Hahn song) and Weston.

Walker BWF 96

This post is a result of a discussion on the Pop-Punk Message Board* about who were the Great Lost Pop-Punk Band and the name of Walker got thrown around quite a bit. So, I'll have to count on the denizens of the PPMB to add colourful comments about the band and their history.

Download Actually Being Lonely... CD

* While this album is out-of-print and Harmless Records has been moth-balled, label boss Scott still has Walker stuff, so go his MySpace site if you'd like to buy any anything.


  1. I read your blog every day. I don't have a blogger account, so that's why it's an anonymous comment. Anyways, WALKER was indeed a great band. They played here in Knoxville, Tennessee in the mid-90s. I loved the production (by the great Mass Giorgini) on this album. Classic 90s pop punk production that shows off good vocals and i'm also a fan of the bass tone. You should also check out a band called Torture Kitty. They were an awesome pop punk band from here in Knoxville that recorded an album called "Yard Sale" with Mass Giorgini.

    Keep up the great blogs.

    -Chase Valentine

  2. mikey

    Glad you liked.

    Thanks for mentioning Mass Giorgini's hand in this album, Mass is the go-to guy forthat crisp pop-punk production plus he played with Jesse Micheal's in Common Rider!

    Do you have a rip of the Torture Kitty?(You don't want to know what a Soulseek search on that term comes back with?

  3. Thanks very much for posting this album by Walker. I've been wanting to hear this album for a while now.

  4. You're welcome Fall, let me know what you think of the album once you get into it.

  5. Okay, I didn't find a rip of the Torture Kitty full-length, but I did find a rip of their debut 7 inch that came out shortly before the LP.

    The 7 inch was also produced by Mass Giorgini. The songs are raging fast where the LP offers a little more variety in tempo. I'll let you know if I end up ripping the LP (I'm kinda ignorant on the workings of ripping a zip file).

    Anyways, hope you dig the 7 inch rip.

    (if that link doesn't work, let me know)


  6. I'm off for a few days - I'll give you a response when I return.

  7. I checked this out because of the band name.
    anyhow- it's a really great album- i love it!
    I hope you don't mind if I link to it on my blog?

  8. Holy shit. In 1996, I was 16 and just getting into punk rock. I ordered my first issue of MRR, and read it every day in school, trying to decide which CD I'd send away for. I settled on a compilation that featured one band I'd heard of, and a bunch of bands I hadn't. The comp introduced me to some of my soon-to-be-favorite bands, Boris the Sprinkler and the Lillingtons, but one of my favorite songs on the comp was "Someplace Someday" by Walker. So I ordered their album as soon as I could. I lost it years ago, but just seeing the cover brings back so many memories. I can't believe I'm about to listen to it again. Thank you.

  9. Chase

    Thanks for the nifty little single (It's been posted at
    (If you rip the album please let me know.)


    I linked you on the blog roll.

    I spent many years poring over MRR for bands I might like. It was time well wasted. Glad to have brought some of it back for you. (I didn't back track to the Lillingtons till last year - holy shit did I miss out.)

  10. Thanks for posting this, and for the comments on it so far. I'm glad people still enjoy that album 13 years later. :)
    But, I just have one correction to one of the above posts about the album. It was recorded by Jeff Hansel and produced mainly by Jeff and myself, with Mass popping in here and there offering some advice, mainly at the mix stage.

    -Brad Carlson

  11. Brad

    Glad you liked the post and the comments. (It's always good when the musicians appreciate what I'm doing here).

    As per your post on the PPMB hopefully people interested will go to Harmless to see what stuff is still left.

    Thanks for that specific recording info - that's perfect (if i ever re-post it I'll have to include all that)!


  12. Walker were a fun band...makes me miss college!

  13. was wondering if you could repost

    i had the walker back of dave split, was awesome


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