Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Police: Bring on the Night (Paris, 1980)

1980 was still early enough for the band to play "Fallout" and late enough for them to play "When the World is Running Down...", which is a pretty sweet spot.

This one if for the fine folks over at the Follow the Leaders and their great Police fan-site.

Bring on the Night link is in the comments

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  2. You have the right to remain silent! Anything you say may be held against you in a court of law!

    Was that a Police-ish enough comment for ya, Jeffen? :^)

    Seriously, thanks for all this great Police stuff. You're right, the cusp of the '80s is a sweet spot in their career, though I certainly love the stuff on the two albums that came later, too.

    For that stuff, make sure you get the boot "Ghosts in the Material World" that Viva Les Bootlegs posted a couple months back -- live '82 and Synchronicity tour rehearsals from '83.

    Thanks again! You have the right to an attorney!

  3. taking a chance here buddy - love this blog, usually do not love the police. here we go!

  4. TPC
    Well, I LAUGHED.
    If you post any Police over TRS let me know and I'll add a link

    For sure after 1980 they're a different band, still a great one but the original vision has been traded for something less immediate.

    No pressure!. Let me know if I've made you re-consider The Police at all - I hope so!

  5. After a casual listen I thought this show was pretty decent. However then "Bring on the Night" really caught my attention. A real noisy emmer effer. Loved it. Gotta listen to the whole thing again. Thanks for the post.

    Personal Police note: had tickets twice for the Police, never saw them. Once they cancelled day of the show; the other time, my group cut out of a festival early after seeing Iggy, pre-popular Go-Go's, Killing Joke and The Specials. It was a long day and we had a long drive. Beating the traffic seemed like a good idea at the time.

  6. Melvin
    Glad you enjoyed, every Police show is a bit different.

    As for your missed Police shows - damn that festival sounds like a killer!

  7. This is the strangest thing. I have the exact same bootleg. Well... *almost* the same. My label on the back says "Paris '81" instead of "Paris '80". The rest of the cover art, track list, and even the catalog number are all the same. It was purchased in Germany some time around 1990.

    So was this concert actually in 1981 or 1980??


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