Monday, November 18, 2013

Dot Dash: Half-Remembered Dream (2013)

It seems like the members of Dot Dash are in a race to build a mighty discography. In two years the band have released three albums (see here), each possibly better than the one before, that showcase their unusual power-Brit-pop-punk hybrid. At this rate we can exorcise the ghost of their past bands  (Youth Brigade DC, Swervedriver, Modest Proposal, Julie Ocean) and focus on the future, after all as the band reminds us,  "You can't turn back the hands of time!"

While the band is pushing for a larger audience, nothing on their new album, "Half-Remembered Dream", seems like the nostalgia-mongering, 'era-recapturing' men of their age might wallow in. The songs range from pretty, ringing mid-tempo tunes like "(Here's to) The Ghosts of the Past" to absolute rippers like "A Light in the Distance". There's a fiery sense of mission on each of the ten tracks that the band spits out in 29:00 minutes. When Terry Banks sings "I was losing track of time/I was turning water into  brine" while the rest of the band (Bill Crandall, Hunter Bennet and Danny Ingram) thunder behind him, you just know these are men dead set on making up for lost time.



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  1. Dot Dash are always impressive. I better catch up on their releases pronto!



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