Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Toxic Reasons: Nobody Tells Us (1980)

We've had a slew of Toxic Reasons (see HERE) posts, which is all the more Reason to offer up one more Toxic rarity. This 7'' was released in 1990 on Selfless Records, though the recording was done on June 18th, 1980 at Sam's Club in Dayton, Ohio.

What makes this single so fascinating is that it adds so much to the little we know about the early, Ed Pittman-led version of TR (to see Selfless' other early TR rarity go here). Not only do we get two originals never recorded, we also get a Ramones and a Clash cover - a perfect indication of the Anglo-American sound they would develop over the decades to come!

Whatever you do, don't miss the violent, belligerent, yet touching liner notes on the back sleeve (see below)!

A1 Chinese Rocks (Dee Dee Ramone, Richard Hell)

A2 Nobody Tells Us

B1 48 Hours (Joe Strummer, Mick Jones)

B2 Tommy

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  1. Let us know what you think of this cool TR item:

  2. Outstanding! I'd lost this single and remember these tunes fondly. Thanks for letting me hear them again.

  3. thanks! never really got TR, saw them and it was wild! gotta give the 7"s another go.

  4. Please tell me you haven't gone away forever ...


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