Thursday, July 31, 2014

Jerry Jerry and the Sons of Rhythm Orchestra: Don't Mind If I Do (1992)

"Everybody's gotta believe in something, no matter how stupid, destructive or wrong; case in point, Aleister Crowley."
Jerry Jerry

Aquarius Records re-released Jerry2 & SRO's masterwork,
Battle Hymn of the Apartment, in 1990 but it went nowhere. So the group hunkered down and chartered a new course for 1992's Don't Mind If I Do.

The Third-Album Mellow-Out is in full-effect here, as Jerry's manifests his Sinatra-aspiratons (see "Grandiose"or "Skin") and his Nashville Sound affections, as heard on the lone single, "Jimmy Reeves".

Amidst the mellower material, there is also a passel of sarcastic up-tempo songs like "The Ballad of Jon Card" (celebrating the former D.O.A. and S.N.F.U. drummer), "How Can People be So Wrong", "Banner Day and the witty country novelty song, "No Ass Tattoos in Heaven".

So, while this is by no means a jazz record, it might be the closest MRML ever gets to posting one.

Now I grant you that I instantly rejected this album back '92 but I have since found it a charming record that bears repeat listenings. Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

MRML Readers weigh in with a comment: What do you think of Jerry's more mature sound?



  1. Even if you take a break, some things just stay the same, the pattern of a good batch of comments for the first offering in a series quickly tailing off (even when the downloads DON'T) still holds.
    Maybe you can change that.

  2. Always appreciate your efforts!

  3. The songwriting on this album is the best of JJ's career. What they sacrificed in edge they gained in pure melody. The definition of a grower. And I always wished the Beat Farmers could have covered "No Ass Tattoos".

  4. Good to have you back. Jerry Jerry? Bloody good name.

  5. Appreciate all the hard work. Thanks so much.

  6. Well, let me be the one to change the pattern - I had this, on cassette, when it was released, and although it is my least favorite of his LP's, it still holds a spot in my aged, tired, heart. Now, if "The Sound And The Jerry" shows up here in the next while, my week will have been made...
    Thanks - Atis

  7. Seems to be a problem with track 4: Just A Big Kid Over You. I only get 26 secs of the song. What I heard was too good to tease like that so there's got to be more right?

  8. Was there a problem with track 4 or was it just me? Thanks


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