Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ramones: Live at Arturo Vega's Loft (1975)

So, Tommy Ramone, the last of the original Ramones is dead. Sad, fucking sad. Tommy was one of the architects behind the the band, supposedly only taking the drum stool after auditions failed to secure anyone capable of understanding what the band was doing. When the band lost its way in a fog of big-name producers in the early 80's, it was Tommy who took the producers helm for  the comeback album "Too Tough To Die and righted the Good Ship Ramone.

Here's an artifact of the Tommy-era. The sound is dirty as hell but it's still amazing that this not only exists but how how clearly it demonstrates the band's focus well before the recording of the first album.

The fact that this was filmed says that a lot of people, artistic director Arturo Vega not least among them, knew that something earth-shaking was afoot in NYC.

What do you make of this super-early
Ramones performance?

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  1. What are your thoughts on the passing of the last original Ramone?

    To hear more, go here:

  2. Great footage showing the Ramones already in top form in 75!

  3. It's a sad day, but it was also a reason to listen tot some Ramones-records......................
    Thank yiu for sharing.


  4. I think the sound fantastic and the video is a gas. They sound huge and so self-contained and Joey looks loose (for him). The songs sound a little slower; maybe a little more rock and roll and less "punk", but they really dig in that way (this could totally be my imagination about the tempos btw, I don't have the originals close by...shame on me! :)) At any rate, thanks so much for the great post!

  5. Hey Jeffen, please fix the link for WildDevilRules in your BlogList, I have a new one:
    WildDevilRules continue at this one, let's have a look....thanx and cheers!!!

  6. Thanks for this Jeff, great to see and hear one of the best bands of al time before the storm broke...


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