Friday, August 8, 2008

Bastards Win

“I'd rather lose a train of thought than keep it on one track.”

Vic Bondi

Vic Bondi never followed the easy way but unlike Bob Mould and Ian Mckaye he got scant credit for ground broken. In 1991, Jones Very (they were named after an American clergyman and poet and contemporary of Emerson) released a lean, raw and primal e.p. called Trains of Thought. The clash of noise and melody would get driven into the ground in the ninties but listen to how, long before all that, the sudden folk-rock flourishes on “Ideas New Tomorrow” and
“Fugitive Time” create a roaring contrast with the Vic’s sandpaper vocals and roughshod guitar.

A beautiful noise – dig in.

Trains of Thought

JV ended here and the and 1994's New Life For Lies features some fleshed-out studio versions of songs from Radio Waves.

New Life for Lies


  1. Esp. New Life For Lies and Words and Days are great albums. Bondi is a remarkable songwriter - for no apparent reason, his songs - esp. the Jones Very songs often remind me of Easter. I'm not promoting Christianity here, but Jones Very were a fountain of thought. A healing fountain if you will. Lyrically they were so sharp and precise that they often reminded me of another great band from back then, namely The Proletariat from Boston.
    Jones Very and Alloy too were bands that had something to offer. A rare quality.

  2. I remember an interview circa Words and Days (possibly Jack Rabid) asking "Uh...Vic are you..religious" (which in hardcore circles was almost like asking if you're a child molester). Vic said not really but he sounded sympathetic.

  3. Any chance you can reup these Jeffen? I'm about to post Words and Ways and point people over here for these releases.

  4. Neil
    Thanks for dropping by this abandoned section of the blog. I may re-post these one day, when I'm ready to deal with the almost complete lack of reaction they garner (which gets me kinda mad as they deserve more!

  5. hey great blog! this is the 2nd (and only..) blog i've ever found that has the album New Life For Lies by these guys for download.. i've just found about these guys some months ago but it's virtually impossible to get this album (and barely possible to get the others..) could you by any chance re-upload that album? thanx


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