Thursday, August 28, 2008

Clashdown: 26 Addendums

Accompanied With is a completist’s boot of all of Joe’s collaborations with artists like Jimmy Cliff, Black Grape, The Levellers, Brian Setzer, Long Beach Dub All-Stars, Flea, the Violent Femmes and, of course, a shwackload more.

"Bankrobber" as an a capella folksong by Chumbawamba is a great idea even if the band members once dumped a bucket of red paint on Joe Strummer.

"Charlie Don’t Surf" as covered by Vancouver’s Sarcastic Mannequins (here) must be heard.

Disinformation | where's the clash when we need them? (Good article but damn those very dated, very broken links.)

Ever wonder if Billy Bragg played an entire Joe Strummer tribute concert?

For all your Clash Lyrics needs.

Generations bootlegs Strummer’s so-called wilderness years – almost an alternative Best-Of compilation (minus the hideous “Baby O Boogie ” – a real career low).

Here's the Streetdogs, "The General’s Boombox" wherein a street-punk band growls it’s approval of Joe.

I saw Attila the Stockbroker at The Norwood (a grubby little bar in the French area of town) where he railed against the Coors banner he played under – just the kind of self-foot-shooting-principle Strummer (whom he pays tribute to here on "Commandante Joe") would’ve stood up for.

Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros Live at the Bridgewater Palace was posted at Control Total.

Killer Clash boots from Punk Not Profit.

"Last of the Mohicans" by the loony John Otway is always a delight.

Misheard lyrics (for "Complete Control") is the funniest thing ever made for Youtube.

The National do "Clampdown" and it’s not like they sucked the energy out of it (like the Strokes) or made it earnest (like the Indigo Girls) or made it even even throatier (like Hot Water Music) they just added a brooding menace.

Orpheum Theatre in Boston bootleg available from Red Note Beats.

Pogues bootlegs with Strummer are great. (And Berkeley Place does list posts bloody well.)

Quotes from the Clash.

Rancid really love the Clash and their Joe-supporting helped him end on a high note.

Sandanista Project – This remake of Sandanista, an idea familiar to most Clash fans (I remember a caffeine-fueled night of sleep lost planning such a work in the early 90’s), is quixotic attempt to rehabilitate a white elephant and it may just succeed in a Terry Gilliam kinda way.

On this track the Coal Porters country up "Something About England

"Two Guitars Clash" is another tribute to the boys by Stiff Little Fingers.

Upload of Permanent Record Outtakes – a fine boot for all who dare journey through that Strummer Wilderness.

Video of "Clampdown" live in 1979 and more!

Wild Billy Chidlish’s album, Thatcher’s Children from which “Joe Strummer’s Grave” originated was posted at Cosmozebra.

X Moore from the Redskins had a great quote about their mission, "To walk like the Clash and sing like the Supremes".

Dwight Yoakm returned "Train in Vain" to the country song it was obviously meant to be.

The MenZigers cover of “Straight To Hell" acquits itself well, especially the break-it-down section near the end.

Finally, two titans overcome the ill-fitting lyrics of a Rasta classic to record a stunning duet on their own death song.

(Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer - "Redemption Song")


  1. I really like the National's cover of Clampdown. I've always liked their sound and it fits the song well.

  2. I'm not a quiet-indie-rock kinda guy but this version of "Clampdown" makes me want to hear more of the National.

  3. Wow! You are out doing yourself with all the recent Clash and Strummer posts. Thanks. In particular, for the Latino Rockabilly War. I really like them better than most of the Mescaleros stuff.

    Where did the Friday, August 15, 2008 "This Is England Alternate Mix" come from? (I couldn't get it to download.)

    Don't know if you've seen it, but Blackmarketclash is the site for all things Strummer/Clash

    Thanks again jeffen!

  4. hey thanks for the add to your linklist. i've done the same on my site.
    your site is fantastic too !


  5. Thank you so much for all the Clash & Strummer stuff lately! Back in 1979, when I was 13, I discovered these guys & they have been my favorite ever since. Like many others I'm sure, I cried when Joe died 6 years back & it still makes me sad to think of it today. No other music has ever or I doubt will ever have the impact on my life that The Clash did. I've listened to them almost daily (at the very least weekly) for almost 30 years now & every time I come across a bootleg or some uncovered songs, it brings no small measure of joy into my life. Thanks again, this means the world to a guy like me.

  6. great post man!
    good job ;)
    Cheers from Chile

  7. Pretty certain it was only The Alarm's Declaration album nd parts of Strength that had the Dylan and Clash comparisons because after that they seemed to be a U2 clone.

    Have you heard the surf tribute to The Clash?

  8. Biopunk

    Yeah Latino Rockabilly War could've been great. "This is England"laternate mix floats around the internet. I'll look into the download issue.

    Can I say it again? It's incredible work you do.

    Back in the day I used to always say, "There is no cure for Clash dependency". It seems more true now twenty-odd years later.


    Thanks right back to Chile (It's easy to forget just how amazing the porn-clogged, dipshit-enabling internet really is!)



    (First e.p. and album is more Clash/Dylan, whereas Strength starts to go a tad Springsteen before Eye of the Hurricane goes totally U2, then it backs up to U2/Dylan thing for Electric Folklore before Change which may still be pretty U2 but more Rattle and Hum U2.

    Still a pretty good discography despite the derivativeness.

  9. from cosmozebra :
    thanks for the link but the song "joe strummers grave" is actually taken from the LP & 7" "punk rock at the british legion hall" by wild billy childish & the mbe's
    anyway it's a huge work done here
    keep on

  10. D'oh well at least we gave them some Childish to enjoy.

  11. I've been waiting 20 years to more Latino Rockabilly War. Thanks very much, Chris

  12. Isn't finding the shit you've been hunting for for a chunk of your life, what this infernal internet' all about?

    You are welcome.

  13. excellent post, thank you!
    questions: what's the password to the Generations cd?

  14. Sorry for the delay but that upload is all fouled-up try this great site:

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. You're welcome Ms. Lola I hope you enjoy!


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