Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Racket

Jones Very followed up the blistering Words and Days with 1991’s Radio Wave a “ disc, pulled from two radio broadcasts at college stations in Boston. JV used to dump songs we heard on the radio into the set. There are two here: “Thankufalettinmebemiceelfagin” by Sly and the Family Stone, and Immigrant Song by Zep” says Vic Bondi on his website. The covers are not the highlight, that honour belongs to the full-throttle freak-out that is “Becket” – listen to Bondi scorch the earth as he shrieks “This is not my racket/ No, it’s Becket’s”. Like a Peel Session this album captures the band in that fiery point between studio and live performance and hence shows Jones Very at full strength.

Download Pt. 1

Download Pt. 2

Bitzcore has a few copies left of this album so if you like - go to support a label who actually paid Vic. (When I ordered this CD as well as AOF 's Core from them over the phone in 1991 they gave me a discount for being, in their own German-accented words, “a really big Vic Bondi fan.”


  1. Bondi signed my copy at a show, it's not my fvorite album (their studio albums are), but there was even a 45 culled from that album. Bitzcore reissued also his 1989 solo album on Wishing Well, The Ghost Dance, a hauntingly beautiful acoustic album.


  2. I bought the solo album onLP from Cheapo records in Minneapolis. I picked it up, considered it and then put it back. Almost a year later it was still there so I snagged it. It's a great, if depressing record(still in print I believe).

  3. cheers for the excellent Vic Bondi related stuff. The link to part 2 seems to link to part 1 unfortuately.


  4. Thanks and ta-da it's been fixed.


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