Sunday, January 18, 2009

Last Chance

It’s only days before the inauguration of the 44th American president, Barrack Obama, so it’s last chance time.

It's last chance for irony, for a few hundred miles anyway. The election of Obama has, strangely, mimicked the effect of 9/11, when rumours of irony’s death were widely circulated.

And it does seem like everyone’s in a sincere mood these days doesn't it? It’s kinda like watching that besotted couple who, in their first flush of passion, offer loud, wild promises that make you wince with the pain of regret to come. So, when the inauguration spectacle is packed away, when the word historical gets a well-deserved rest, there’s gonna be some ugliness. The American Right thinks everyone(but them) is a communist and the American Left thinks everyone (but them) is a fascist and they both love political bloodsport. America may well be in a better place in four years but by then the axe-grinders that dictate public discourse in the U.S. will have tossed all this non-partisan sincerity aside.

Then, back to punk rock, it’s also, temporarily, the last chance for anti-presidential outrage. After all, a Rock Against Obama movement is unlikely. However all artists do thrive on dissatisfaction and therefore creative protest will resume soon (despite all the quasi-Socialist Realism coming out of the hip-hop camp lately).

So now, in celebration of The Tenacity of Irony, Punk Rock and the Bush Clan (Jeb anyone?) here is Coffin Break’s Kill the President.

Seattle’s Coffin Break (David Brooks,drums, Peter Litwin, guitar and vocals and Rob Skinner, bass and vocals) were, depending on the vocalist, a punk or metal band from the early 90’s who wrote some good songs but only one great one.

That great one, 1991’s “Kill the President”, isn't exactly a punk song (though, ironically, it starts out that way), it’s not actually even anti-Bush Sr. song; it’s a bright pop song about insanity. The narrator is like Travis Bickle just as the Prozac wears off. Again and again the cheery melody clashes with the hostility of the words of the narrator who is “so happy, the world’s gonna ex-plode”.

So any U.S. secret service who have a Google Alert on "kill the president", can rest assured this is not a song about assassination but a catchy novelty tune that one can return to again and again.

Now, sing along and remember that irony, like punk rock, isn’t dead; it just smells that way.

Download Kill the President single


  1. You're an idiot. The Left blamed GWB for everything. He kept integrity. Iraq did have WMD, did use them, and Iraq and the world are better off now than before. The economic crisis was created by Dodd, Obama and Frank - the Dem congress. 0bama's "career" was built on fraud and waste and maybe the clueless crowd you hang with is "optimistic", but there is fear with an inexperienced person whose only idea is raising taxes and restricting personal rights among most of the free thinking adults.

  2. Don't worry. Stupidity never dies (previous comment). Obama may prove there's always room for protest. Afterall, the U.S. could follow the U.K. to Israel.

  3. My first troll, how exciting!

    I'm in awe of all these wild assertions that even Bush in his recent attempts at revisionism wouldn't dare try - and all for a post that didn't take a strong ideological angle.

    And, speaking of revisionism, maybe one day anonymous snarking will be considered proof of integrity.

  4. Imi


    It's sorta sad how much political dialogue has become breathless belligerence.

    P.S. Speaking of stupidity, I missed the "UK to Israel" comment could you elaborate?

  5. Looking at that first comment, maybe - just maybe - irony is not dead and that was a joke. Not necessarily a funny joke but a joke nonetheless. On the reality-based side of the coin recent studies find that the mentally ill are overwhelmingly Republican. Explains a great deal. When the anti-Obama tide turns it will be carrying on it a boatload of his most fervent followers who are bound to feel disappointment to the core when their idol turns out to be just a human being. Like the nut job who idolized John Lennon and then - well, you know how that turned out. But to the point, which is what you wrote with your posting on the blog - I say AMEN, brother, AMEN! A very neatly packed summary of what the corporate media wants is to think and why it is BAD BAD BAD! Yo hit the nail on the head. And speaking of corporate media - please everyone follow in my footsteps and get rid of that television set. It is killing your mind and filling it with fear. Not just the fake news shows, but did you ever wonder why almost every "drama" show on TV is about a murder? Murder in this country is at an all time low, yet it is our main form of entertainment. Throw it out! TV gives corporate nut-jobs direct access to your brain! Stick with the music this poster shares with you. Grow your mind or you may end up writing like that anonymous cat up top. And worse, yet, believing it! SERMON OVER

  6. CLASSIC Troll move. He starts off by calling you an idiot thereby shutting the door at the get-go on any meaningful conversation. Then he proceeds to regurgitate right wing nonsense that he's picked up from Rush or Ann or whomever. Finally he does it all anonymously. When did conservatives become such whiny sissies? That's what I want to know...

    As far as your post is concerned, well written and very true.

  7. Bush never tried to limit anyone's constitutional rights.
    Everything obama says he is going to do is completely wrong.
    You are like the morons that vote based on sunshine logos and bubblegum speeches.

    You should look up the term "useful idiot".

    The poster before is correct about the financial is the direct result of Democrats in Congress and their policies. Obama's class envy tactics to raise taxes on the rich (as if they are the enemy) will limit job growth and investment.

  8. Welcome Trolls!

    Please feel free to continue ignoring the substance of the post in question and continue to ignore the obsolescence of your own rhetoric.


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