Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Wiz IV

On the 1989 single Awkward Kid, Wiz and co. moved closer to what the Brits call "bed-sit angst" ("naval-gazing" and "Morrissey" are possible synonyms) and the small-scale melodrama detracts a bit. Primary A-side "Awkward Kid" is a touch over-confessional ("Deep down I'm still an awkward kid... I'm as lost as I ever was before") but it still crams a lot of pop smarts into 1:54.

In "Cradle" the band's clingier, self-pitying side almost trumps what is still a pretty fair tune.

Download Awkward Kid


  1. I saw the MC4 playing live for one time. it was an absolute great gig ! thanks for this post !
    R.I.P. Wizz


  2. Thanks for the memory!

    And, in case I don't leave enough comments, thanks for all the incredible singles you post - I can't keep up but I keep plugging away.

  3. Another great series of posts! Even if you have the singles like I do, it's great to read someone else's thoughts on the band. Wish I could have seen them, but no such luck. Keep up the great work.

  4. Steve

    Glad there are people who enjoy the thoughts and the music, especially for the woefully neglected bands like the MC4.


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