Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Wiz: Mega-Epilogue

The Decoy era of the MC4 was rounded out by the underwhelming Who Cares Wins, a model of the infamous Second Album Slump. While the 1990 album is much less apathetic than the title might indicate, it does still seem like the band is losing the battle with their own formula. It's hard to get a bead on the precise weakness here. This is still a band going full tilt yet their momentum is limited by a certain sameness of playing and production that occasionally marred even their greater work. Some of the songs, such as "No Such Place as Home", still soar high but something has come to an end. A re-invention was coming but that's a story for a future post.

Download Who Cares Wins

For the fanatic Wiz-ite, here's a wee little bootleg called Extras that contains two tracks from a 1988 compilation called Undeground Rockers, the B-side to a late single (Android Dreams) and a cover of the Beatles' "A Hard Days Night".

Download Extras

Then, to hear all of singles posted earlier all wrapped up together with a bonus track, go visit the incredible Hangover Heart Attack who have posted Terribly Sorry Bob.

Finally, for now anyway, check out the MC4's Peel Sessions CD over at Primitive Offerings

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