Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bad Religion: Rarities Part TWO

So Mr. Sarcastic and Mr. Punk Rock walk into the 'punk' section at the local music store:

Mr. Sarcastic: Why do all these punk bands have such bad names. Why not Good Religion or the Good Brains?

Mr. Punk Rock: Well there is Good Riddance...
Mr. Sarcastic: (Sighs) No, that's not it either.


I own nine Bad Religion CD's and one L.P. The only studio albums I'm missing are How Could Hell be Any Worse? (meaning to pick it up since selling 1980-1985) The Grey Race and No Substance (No Mr. Brett, no go) and New Maps of Hell (only a few songs really hit home). Except for the L.P., (Into the Unknown of course) the albums all pretty much sound the same and that's one of their greatest virtues. Bad Religion decided a long time ago, likely as far as
the 1984 e.p. Back to the Known, that they were gonna be the traditional So Cal punk band melding Black Flag's guitar buzz with The Germs verbosity, X's harmonies, the Circle Jerk's speed and The Adolescents' melodicism. Whatever they borrowed they made their own, stopping to throw in the entirety of the O.E.D and On The Origin of the Species into the mix, because a band grows whether the audience notices it or not.
01. Do What You Want (Acoustic)
02. 1000 more fools ( Acoustic )
03. Suffer (Acoustic)
04. Media Blitz (Germs Cover)
05. The Defense ( Pre-Mixed )
06. You (No Control Demo)
07. Billy (No Control Demo)
08. No Control (Electro-Mix) (No Control Demo)
09. Change Of Ideas And Anxiety (Electro-Mix) (No Control Demo)
10. Do What You Want (1980 Studio Days Demo)
11. Politics (1980 Studio Days Demo)
12. We're Only Gonna Die (1980 Studio Days Demo)
13. Land Of Competition (1980 Studio Days Demo)
14. FucK Armageddon (1980 Studio Days Demo)
15. Frosty The Snowman (Live KROQ Acoustic Christmas 2001)
16. Silent Night (Live KROQ Acoustic Christmas)
17. Parade Of The Horribles (Circle Jerks Cover Live)
18. Were Only Gonna Die (With Biohazard)
19. Go Your Own Way (With NOFX)
20. Were a Happy Family (Ramones Cover)
21. I Saw The Light (Hank Williams Cover Live)
22. Fuck Christmas (Live Corrected Version)
23. Give Punk a Chance (Live Corrected Version)
24. Institutionalized (Suicidal Tendencies Cover Live)
25. Hurry Up Harry (Sham 69 Cover Live Corrected Version)

Bonus, Compilation, Cover and Rare Live Songs Part TWO link is in the comments.

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  1. Wow, the tracks listed as "1980 Studio Days Demos" are actually tracks I posted on my blog 4 years ago. They're from a live, in studio performance Bad Religion did a for a friends old public access TV show "The Punk Show" (I worked one of the cameras), circa '88, a little while before they release Suffer. I always wondered if those would end up being used or sold in some form after I posted them.

  2. Only had a few of these. really awesome posts thanks.

  3. I bought that Ramones tribute album when I was a little kid for Bad Religion's cover. It was my favourite Ramones song as a kid because I thought it was their most "punk rock" song for some reason.

  4. "How Could Hell be Any Worse?"

    Is in My Op, THE ALBUM!



  5. chris
    Not to mention Good Charlotte! (Hope you enjoyed Call Pastor Bob's mega-comment - I sent him your Vengeance post as an Easter present).

    Well first of all thanks for the correction, which I'll make, Second of all thanks for filling in the story. Third thanks for reading - when I was setting this blog up three years ago AAPIS was a legendary blog for damn good reasons.

    I honestly hadn't heard most of these tracks till i got this.

    the first album looms large in many discographies and that one sure set the pattern.

  6. CallPastorBob's comment made my day better. I actually posted that album with Easter in mind. :)

  7. Nice One.Thank you


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