Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Strike: Victoria

The Strike (more here and here) never disappointed, even if they did love posing with broken-down scooters .

The three non-album tracks here ("Red Storm Rising" a Zinn-esque history of The Great Depression, "This Fragile Life" a rocked-up Neurotic cover and "Ball and Chain" half spoken-word-half-SLF fist-shaker) proved that punk could be catchy and still have a conscience back in 1995. Who says you need a Republlican president to inspire great American punk rock?

Victoria link is in the comments

Speaking of comments: Do we really need bad political leaders to make for good punk rock?

Thanks to CallPastorBob for the scans



  2. Yep keep these goodies coming mate mice one thanks Jeff.

  3. Thanks for the 7"!

    In (a tangential) response to your question--one of the truly baffling, though great, punk rock songs is of course the Dead Kennedy's "California Uber Alles". As kooky as Jerry Brown was (and apparently still is), DK missed the other, crazier former governor of CA -- Ronald Reagan. I mean, really, you're worried about Jerry Brown?!

  4. marky
    I'll do my best - you too!

    Yeah but DK re-wrote that song as "We've Got A bigger Problem Now" on 'In God We Trust'. Of course whnever Jerry's back in the news I think of the original version.

  5. Jeff, thanks for posting these! Micah told me you'd put them up here. Also congrats on a super-fun and endlessly readable and listenable blog!

    Now, off to listen to my new Strike downloads. This is gonna be great!

  6. Ed!
    Cool to have you drop by again!
    Hope we give you lots of listening while you're working on your MFA("Master of Fuck All", as one arts student called it).


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