Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Varsity Weirdos: Can't Go Home

Musically, Canada's East Coast is most famous for Celtic-folk and indie-rock, so Moncton, New Brunswick's The Varsity Weirdos double-barrel pop-punk might come as a shock to those with regional preconceptions. While their label. It's Alive, is content to label them "straight-up pop-punk" there's more than just Ramones-by-way-of-Screeching-Weasel here. Amidst all the furious down-stroking, you can hear a certain quirky late seventies Englishness - a bit of XTC perhaps maybe the Buzzcocks - on tracks like, "You Bother Me". And of course, whatever else you say about Can't Go Home, you can't doubt the V.W.'s grew up in the nineties when you hear how they practically turn fellow Monctonites Elevator To Hell's Sub-Pop era "Why I Didn't Like August '93" into an outtake from Green Day's Dookie.


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  1. That "...August 93'" cover is by far the best thing I've heard of Elevator's music. Those Varsity Weirdos have done their alma mater proud!

  2. Mike
    Should've known you'd dig this band - more new Canadian pop-punk to come.

  3. CPB
    Perhaps a Thrush Hermit cover is next?


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