Wednesday, November 3, 2010

V.A. Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan Volume Twelve

This thirty-one volume series features artists covering Bob Dylan songs. All of the tracks are recordings of independent origin (ROIO) and hence officially unreleased.

Another slew of good names here like Lone Justice, John Lagnford (of the Mekons), Cat Power, Buddy & Julie Miller, Robyn Hitchcock, Bruce Springsteen, Cowboy Junkies, as well as, unfortunately (well for the well-worn biases of this author anyway), more Grateful Dead and more Black Crowes.

01 It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue – Grateful Dead (Apr 14, 1984, Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA)
02 Go ‘Way Little Boy – Lone Justice (Jan 25, 1985, The Stone, San Francisco, CA)
03 Wanted Man – Jon Langford (Mar 19, 2004, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL)
04 Mississippi – Donna the Buffalo (Sep 18, 2004, Neighborhood Theatre, Charlotte NC)
05 Blind Willie McTell – Tom Russell and Barrence Whitfield (Jan 25, 1995, Johnny D’s, Somerville, MA)
06 Senor (Tales of Yankee Power) – Calexico (Dec 8, 2006, Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA)
07 Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues – Robyn Hitchcock and the Minus 5 (Jul 10, 2006, Dingwalls, London)
08 Most Likely You Go Your Way and I Go Mine – Black Crowes (Oct 25, 2005, The Fillmore, Denver CO)
09 License to Kill – The Waterboys (Feb 19 1984, Batschkapp Club, Frankfurt, Germany)
10 Chimes of Freedom – McGuinn, Hillman and Clark (Sep 9, 1979, Calderone Theater, Long Island, NY)
11 Buckets of Rain – Phil Lesh and Friends with Joan Osborne (Feb 12, 2006, Beacon Theater, New York, NY)
12 Spanish Harlem Incident – Yonder Mountain String Band (Oct 6, 2005, Showbox, Seattle, WA)
13 Wallflower – Buddy and Julie Miller (May 28, 2000, Camp Mather, Yosemite, CA)
14 Paths of Victory – Cat Power (May 14, 1999, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA)
15 Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands – The Walkabouts (Jan 19, 2001, Experience Music Project, Seattle, WA)
16 Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door – Bruce Springsteen and Wolfgang Niedecken (Jul 9, 1995 Cafe Eckstein, Berlin, Germany)
17 If You Gotta Go, Go Now – Cowboy Junkies (Apr 30, 1989, Berklee Performance Center, Boston, MA)

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Thanks to Jeffs98119 for compiling these and obatik for the images.
  • For slugline's impressive spreadsheet of the whole series go here
  • For stewART's excellent alternate cover art go here


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  2. I havde been enjoying Dylan fro over 45 years, this collection just proves that he is gthe Pablo Picasso of music, always the leader with many followers. Love your site, keep up the great work. I do hope you have more of this Dylan collection, I will be checking every morning, as Clint said so well, "Make My Day!".

  3. Hell I love this series, even if I don't love all the tracks equally.

  4. Nice piece of work, like the comps radio jocks did before their playlists were standardized by the suits.

    Thanks for all your work.

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will also be checking every day for the upcoming volumes. Again, thank you!

  6. Love Dylan from way back when !!!
    And love these comps many thanks

  7. Hi Jeffen,

    Excuse the comment clutter...
    Wanted to let you know that we were zapped by The Man, but were back with a new home. If you could update/include us in your links, it would be greatly appreciated.


    All the best,

  8. Thank you for another great Volume.

  9. hey jeffen. thanks for everything. just a note to let you know never get out the boat is back

    take care

  10. guess i shoulda read the comments first :)

  11. minor point. The Fillmore West (Carousel Ballroom) Market St & Van Ness Ave, was closed by Bill Graham, was it 1972 - Farewell To The Fillmore box set. That means that track #6 should be listed as The Fillmore which is the reopened original concert venue in The Fillmore district of SF

    Dr Dream

  12. Thanks to all who leave words behind!

    (and thanks Dr. Dream for the correction!)

  13. last time i asked you if you'd marry me and i didn't get a response so this time i'm just going to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for your generous sharing and for making so many of us so happy! thanks for spreading the joy!!!! xooxoxo

  14. Anon

    Of course I responded (with the clumsy witticism, "Sure what's a little bigamy between spouses?")You're welcome for the joy and thanks for the wonderful words!

  15. Utterly fantastic. Muchas Gracias.

  16. muchos gracias jeffen


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