Saturday, November 20, 2010

X: Live '83

Here are jut a few of MRML readers' X stories:

lucthedevildog said...
Growing up in LA. I saw X too many times to count. I've seen them as the country group The Knitters, John Doe solo, Exene and DJ Bonebrake together, Exene solo. Billy Zoom throughout many incarnations from angry and pissed because he wasn't in the band any longer to when he became born again. Reunions lately have seemed to give each member a new spark. Recently Exene has announced that she has MS, a good thought or prayer from everyone would be appreciated. Thanks for the memories, the driving beat of X, the smell of beer and my thoughts of my boots sticking to the floor at the Roxy bring a smile to my face.

fervorcoulee said...
Oh ROW! As a one-time Record On Wheels employee in Edm., I also have memories of the outfit. And I found your High Fidelity reference spooky as I not only had meaningless conversations about mix tapes and the like, but had a physical altercation in the store that Hornby and crew errily captured in their book and production. Throughout the movie, my wife giggled and pointed- over and over again my life was on the big screen. Looking forward to the X download- first time I heard X was in, you got it- ROW!

Anonymous said...First time I heard X- must have been the Decline soundtrack. Buncha pretty stiff competition, but man those dual vocals! I'll always love these guys.
Saw them in, what was it, 2008 already, on the Los Angeles 30th anniversary tour. Took a couple of my under-30 friends, who were suitably awed and/or RAWKED by it.
Don't have a dog in the Billy Zoom fight- I do love Tony Gilkyson too, he was great backing up Exene, too. But then again, Billy Zoom is like some kinda ageless/eternal incarnation of rock and roll. Didn't know about the born again thing- but it doesn't explain the permasmile- he's always been like that, as far as I can tell, he's like the audioanimatronic avatar of rock and roll guitar . Yeah, god bless X, and even though I don't pray, maybe I'll try to fire one off for Exene.

kennyhel77 said...
an amazing band that I have seen soooo many times. X are an American classic. Nice post. I loved this album when it came out and love the newer live one with Billy Zoom playing. Tony Gilkyson was a great player too. I saw them at San Jose St. with both Gilkyson and Dave Alvin playing guitar, right after Billy had many people are jealous with that one!

Nazz Nomad said...
I was a budding college "journalist" (and I use that term very loosely)when the album came out. I got to go to a press conference with X and we all listened to the album around a big table. It was way cool.

Doug said
I once saw X at the UBC Sub Ballroom.One nasty mosh pit spitter landed a few on Billy Zoom.Initially Billy was going to bop the jerk on the head.Billy then suddenly exited I believe stage right.Oh! Oh! Billy did return in a foul mood but the show was great.

jbull49 said...
My friend had a copy of "Los Angeles" b/c Ray Manzerek was on it/produced it and my friend was rather taken with the Doors at the time. It scared us. A year later, braver, I heard "Wild Gift," bought it, and became obsessed with a lot of the LA scene, led by Exene and John. Dream Syndicate, Green on Red, Blasters, Minutemen, Black Flag . . . all disclosed to me thanks to X's mentoring. How's Exene doing, BTW? I heard she was quite ill (MS?) Thanks for the reminder of their sublimity.Another X memory: finally had something to talk to a rather attractive punk girl I knew thanks to them, as she'd seen X in NYC, walked til dawn the streets of lower Manhattan etc. My vicarious punk period, remembered warmly. Cheers.

Here's another raw live show from the deservedly-lauded Billy Zoom era, specifically February 21 st 1983 in West Hartford.

Live '83 link is in the comments

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    X Comment!!

  2. When I was living in Albuquerque, I bought X’s Los Angeles on vinyl. I liked the rockabilly riffs and all lyrics, but I especially remember loving the last track, "The World's a Mess; It's in My Kiss" Since then I’ve been a fan. I named my car after Exene. I even learned to play “White Girl” on my ukulele. They are one of the few bands to sound rough and beautiful at the same time. To me they are the best band to come out of the LA scene.

  3. Is fame so desireable as to be worth enduring the obnoxious David Letterman? What a perfect mascot for the fixed-fight known as the the entertainment industry. Thank goodness the band wasn't lured into his abusive set-up. Personally, I think (the great)Billy Zoom scared Dave when he refused to play into the derogatory 'like a movie' prelude... May David Letterman always look like the creep that he is.

  4. Fame at last! Thanks for quoting me previously and for more X now. Best,

  5. listenin' to both live x shows all day so far. the missus just walked in and said "have you been listening to x all day" - than she said "cool".

  6. I am seething with jealousy at all you posters who casually reel off how many times they've seen this band! i don't know how many times they've played in england, but i've missed it each time. known the band since 81 when i was sent some tapes by some good dudes from l.a. - thanks, lads! thanks for posting these cos i don't suppose they'll ever come back to england now...

  7. X fans

    Your comments rocked like Billy Zoom riffs

  8. First heard X back in 88 or 89 when I started working at the campus radio station. Changed my life.


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