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Graham Parker: Live! Alone in America (1989)

Come check out my list of Ten Amazing Graham Parker performances (1976-1978) over at The Big Takeover!

To help pass the time till the start of Graham Parker's Big Year (more details HERE) MRML is going to dig into the bulging 'GP stuff' folder, to bring you a wide-ranging selection of bootlegs and out-of-print wonders, as we've done  before (see HERE) and will do again.

Upon my first exposure to the solo Parker, I was underwhelmed. Perhaps because Parker had been such an impressive band leader, I wasn't' ready for this ultra-stripped down set. Now, of course, I can hear how the raw passion still burns through on tracks like the otherwise-unavailable "Soul Corruption".

Graham Parker, guitar, vocals
Recorded at Philadelphia's Theater of Living Arts October,1988

1         White Honey     2:31   
2         Watch The Moon Come Down     4:31   
3         Black Honey     3:14   
4         Protection     3:53   
5         Soul Corruption     5:48   
6         Gypsy Blood     5:02   
7         Back To Schooldays     2:20   
8         Durban Poison     2:58   
9         The 3 Martini Lunch     3:27   
10         Back In Time     2:46   
11         Hotel Chambermaid     2:23   
12         Don't Let It Break You Down     3:17   
13         You Can't Be Too Strong     3:05   
14         A Change Is Gonna Come     2:28

GP fans - what do you make of this album? Is Parker as strong  solo as he is with a band? Do you wanna hear another batch of Parker rarities? Let us know in the COMMENTS section (which is where you'll find the BBC Sight & Sounds link).

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  1. GP fans - what do you make of this live album? Is Parker as strong solo as he is with a band? Do you wanna hear another batch of Parker rarities? Let us know right HERE!

  2. I remember playing the Hell out of this album on my radio show on WLEX in Hunter College...thanks for reminding me of this moment of my late-young-adulthood...

  3. I've never seen GP with a band but have seen him solo several times. Each time has been a great show! Looking forward to listening to this one...THANKS!!

  4. great stuff . . . thanks

  5. One of my top 5 live albums of all-time. That says it all.
    C in California

  6. oh yeah - you did it !
    thank you thank you thank you!
    a great record. have the vinyl, but it has some damages, so i'm really grateful for this.

  7. I have the cd, i have the lp, i listen to this album for twenty years. A great Parker, a classic...

  8. File Belongs to Suspended Account.

  9. You fought the good fight, on your good foot. Rock on with your bad self!


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