Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Toy Dolls: Twenty-Two Tunes from Tokyo (1990)

This week MRML celebrates Sunderland, England's The Toy Dolls, a pop-punk-oi trio that have been rocking the world since 1979 under the leadership of singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer/cartoonist/sole original member Olga, by building a list:

Ten Terrific Toy Dolls Traits:

3. International Appeal

The Toy Dolls are less likely to tour North America or even the UK then they are continental Europe, South America or Asia and hence they've spread their kind of musical madness over more of the planet than almost any punk band!

Twenty-Two Tunes from Tokyo is an out-of-print Receiver Records release that captures  the band's manic show at The Club Quattro, Tokyo, Japan on 27th December 1989 (from the Wakey, Wakey Tour).

1          Wakey Wakey Intro     1:46    
2          Dig That Groove Baby     2:34    
3          Cloughy Is A Bootboy     3:10    
4          Lambrusco Kid     2:53    
5          I've Got Asthma     2:11    
6          Peter Practices Practice Place     3:01    
7          Deidre's A Slag     3:22    
8          Ashbrooke Launderette     2:25    
9          Bless You My Son     2:05    
10         My Girlfriends Dad's A Vicar     1:18    
11         Spiders In The Dressing Room     2:56    
12         Popeye Medley     3:33    
13         She Goes To Finos     2:40    
14         Fisticuffs In Frederick Street     3:35    
15         Harry Cross     4:07    
16         Glenda & The Test Tube Baby     3:52    
17         Wakey Wakey Outro     1:53    
18         When The Saints     1:38    
19         Wipe Out     3:06    
20         Nellie The Elephant     3:38    
21         Sabre Dance     2:31    
22         Blue Suede Shoes     2:33    

Oi, Toy Dolls fans!!!
Been a bit quiet on the old COMMENT front, hasn't it?
If you want the list (and the rarities) to continue tell us your own favourite things about the band in the COMMENTS section (which is where you'll find the Twenty-Two Tunes from Tokyo link).

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  1. Oi, Toy Dolls fans!!!
    Been a bit quiet on the old COMMENT front, hasn't it?
    If you want the list (and the rarities) to continue tell us your own favourite things about the band right here!


    1. This link has gotten messed up:


  2. Hi Jeffen. Have this and most of Olgas official releases but just wanted to get the comments ball rolling. Hailing from the same part of the world (Tyne rather than Wear though) the band were local favourites. Bought the early singles/lps from the Volume Records shop and saw them several times over the years - always a great show but never the same lineup.

    Favourite things - the guitar playing, the song titles (especially when you know the street names and references), the humour, the fact that my kids love it nearly as much as me.
    Olga is a one off and should be cherished.

    Keep the rarities coming and thanks for all your efforts.

  3. Love the Dolls. Nellie the Elephant was my intro to the band and still one of my fave songs to this day. Nice to see they're back at it.

  4. a great sadly underrated live album.ive only seen them live once back in 93 at a venue in london called the clapham grand.support on that day was a band called 'big boy tomato'!and i have to say it was a feckin brilliant gig.down the front for the whole show it was excellent.when my wife went to visit her family in santiago in spain last year she went to a festival that was on and on the bill were the toy dolls and the specials and the offspring,and i thougt id rather stay here in london.bad decision on my part i think!

  5. dolls = awesome. thanks so kindly.

  6. Thanks for posting this. I have the *20 Tunes* version, so it's nice to get the complete set. :)


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