Thursday, March 22, 2012

Graham Parker: Poughkeepsie, NY (1983) LINK UP-DATED

To help pass the time till the start of Graham Parker's Big Year (more details HERE) MRML is going to dig into the bulging 'GP stuff' folder, to bring you wide-ranging section of rarities, bootlegs and out-of-print wonders. We've covered Chairman Parker extensively before (see HERE) and will continue to do so....

What's Graham Parker's weakest album?
Is there a Down in the Grove, a Goodby Cruel World or a Lucky Town in the man's discography?
If there is such a glitch in the works, I'd argue that it's The Real Macaw a half-hearted attempt to make peace with eighties soullessness that plays to none of GP's strengths.
The fault lies not with the songs but with David Kershenbaum's lifeless production. To hear how the songs should have sounded, check out this '83 FM broadcast, which gives the Macaw material some extraordinary passion.

GP fans - what do you make of this '83 era bootleg? Do you think Parker has any weak albums?/ Do you wanna hear more Parker rarities? Let us know in the COMMENTS section (which is where you'll find the Poughkeepsie, NY link).

Update: New link is available, scroll down in the comments section.

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  1. GP fans - what do you make of this '83 era bootleg? Do you think Parker has any weak albums?/ Do you wanna hear more Parker rarities? Let us know right HERE!

    1. If that one isn't working try this one:

  2. Excited to give this one a listen. I always liked Macaw, but I never transitioned it from vinyl/cassette to CD.

    Unfortunately, the archive is missing tracks 2,5, and 8:(.

  3. Definite 'yes please' to the question about more Parker rarities. Both Macaw and the previous album 'Another Grey Area' I didn't like at the time, but I recently picked up the 'Temporary Beauty' album which bascially is the two albums on 1 Cd with a couple of omissions and additions and you know what? They're not that bad in hindsight! Perhaps I'm just getting old....

    Keep up the good work!


    P.S. Anyone got the missing tracks?

    1. Do you you happen to know what's on 'Temporary Beauty' that isn't from TRM or AGA?

      P.S. Link fixed.

  4. graham parker never got the recognition he deserves. you're doing a fantastic job.

    1. I'll keep beating the GP drum till people remember.

  5. Thanks for the download. Regarding bad albums: "Don't Tell Columbus" puts me to sleep every time; not a bad album, but a boring one. I'm not crazy about "12 Haunted Episodes" either. GP loves both of these records, but I would rather listen to Tex Skerball's raving...
    -Mark in NM


  7. Thanks for the updated link - the TB cd has a 'b-side' from the early 80's called 'Habit Worth Forming' which is really good - I think it was the b-side to 'You Hit The Spot.' There is a track of the same name on the Art Vandelay CD, but I haven't got that so don't know if it's the same version!

  8. Very cool, I just listened to the real macaw this morning! Thanks a mil...


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