Monday, January 21, 2013

TV Smith w/ Leigh Heggarty:12 Bar Club, 2012

Few artists are as emblematic  of everything this blog stands for than former Advert, TV Smith (more HERE) and his never-shut-up, never-mellow-out and never-say-die philosophy. So it is fitting that we break our longest silence ever, with a bootleg of the indefatigable Mr. Smith accompanied by an even more subterranean punk figure, Leigh Heggerty. Heggerty, who here provides superbly tasteful guitar back-up, currently plays with The Ruts D.C. and well as... well, here's a link to his blog and a promise that I'll try to run down some more of this under-appreciated figure's accomplishments this month.  What we have here is a super-clear audience recording of a powerful show with a varied set-list - big thanks to exedore for the stellar work.

TV Smith w/ Leigh Heggarty - 12 Bar Club - 07 Dec 2012

01. Intro Banter
02. No Time To Be 21
03. Bored Teenagers
04. Tomahawk Cruise
05. Have Fun
06. Coming In To Land
07. It's Expensive Being Poor
08. Banter
09. Ready for the Axe to Drop
10. You Saved My Life Then Ruined It
11. Buried By The Machine
12. Buried By The Machine Breakdown
13. In The Arms of Our Enemies
14. Banter/Bringing Up Pascal Briggs
15. The Lord's Prayer
16. The Lion and the Lamb
17. Gary Gilmore's Eyes
18. One Chord Wonders
19. Farewell Banter
20. Good Times Are Back
21. Encore Banter
22. Runaway Train

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  1. Thanks for coming by, reading the post and checking out the music.
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  2. thank you and much appreciated. welcome back.

  3. Thanks for TV - he's so fantastic!

  4. Good to see you've not totally packed it in.If TV Smith packed it in when the powers that be wanted him to, look at the aural treasures we would have lost! Including this one.
    Don't let the fuckers grind you down.

    1. 'Don't let the fuckers grind you down."


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