Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wreckless Eric: At the Shop (1990)

At the Shop is a crude document of ramshackle performance by Wreckless Eric (more HERE) and his Le Beat Groupe Electrique for a small crowd at the New Rose store in Paris in 1990. For much of the set Eric is teetering on the brink of chaos, and clearly loving every fucking minute of it. Then, on "If It Makes You Happy", Eric enters a staring contest with Nietzsche's abyss and half through the psychotic harmonica break, the abyss blinks.

Following that battle, Eric pulls back, slightly, pour un version Français of "Depression", followed by two oldies; Larry Williams' rockabilly stomper "Bony Maronie" and Eric's own '77 shout-along, "Semaphore Signals". Then, it's once more back into the depths for a harrowing, almost Dylan '66 style, take on The Captains of Industry's, "Our Neck of the Woods." Finally, without a flinch, Eric caps this gutsy performance with another of his tender love songs, "You're the Girl for Me." Those customers, who watched the whole brilliant mess while crammed in-between the racks of vinyl, must've left the store at once baffled and yet exhilarated. 

A1         Big Old World     3:42    
A2         If It Makes You Happy     5:04    
A3         (Waiting For The Shit) (To Hit The Fan)     6:40
A4         Depression (version Francaise)  
B1         Bonie Maronie
B2         Semaphore Signals     3:20    
B3         Our Neck Of The Woods     5:28    
B4         You're The Girl For Me     4:50

Hope you  enjoyed the re-up (with AMAZING new footage!) and feel free to leave us a COMMENT! about Mr. Eric and LBGE!

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  1. This one's by request for garychching, but that doesn't mean that every Wreckless Eric fan can't leave a COMMENT!

  2. Mr Goulden is a superb songwriter.

  3. WHello,

    thank you very much for this rare LP.

    Can you also repost
    1)Le Beat Group Électrique
    2)The Donovan of Trash

    Best Regards
    Efstathiou Stathis

  4. thanks for the wreckage

  5. Thanks for Wreckless! Appreciating your abbreviate hiatus! Thanks for coming back!

  6. Jeffen

    I purchased this recently, but still a brilliant post and one that everyone should have.

  7. A great songwriter who never really got the recognition he deserves. His first two albums on Stiff were equal to everyone else's there. Thanks Jeffen.

  8. He wrote "Whole wide world" which is (one of) the best love song(s) ever written.

  9. Jeffen, did you post this just for me? Seriously, you know my love for the music of the Semi-Coherent-Obviously-Tortured-Soul so I'm thinking this knowledge of said tastes must have come in to play when you embedded "If It Makes You Happy". Or maybe I'm reading to much into this 'cause I'm a narcissistic shit bag.
    Either way, great stuff!



  10. Commenters
    Thanks for the encouragement, hopefully I'll fill all your Wreckless needs before I'm done.


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