Monday, August 5, 2013

Punk - Past, Present and Future... (1993)

As a quick thanks-you to all my great COMMENTERS, here's a l'il rarity, a compilation put together by Released Emotions, home of The Price (more HERE) in 1993.

As the title implies and label-man Vince spells out in the liner notes shown below, the idea here was to cram 16 years of punk history into 23 songs. It's a revisionist history of course, one that supposes that the English punk sound of '77-'78 never wavered. (How American straight edge satire band Crucial Youth ended up here is anyone's guess!)


Anyway it's fun version of history and there's lots of bands who never got what was coming to them here that you can enjoy and hope I'll be able to dig out some of THEIR obscurities some day...

Released Emotions licensed some great '77 vintage stuff here and while they weren't able to get any Clash they did end up with THREE Clash covers, including the Indestructible Beat (featuring Steve Drewett of The Neurotics) take on "Capitol Radio":

1 The Vibrators - No Heart 1:50
2 The Lurkers - Walk Like A Superstar (Talk Like A Zombie) 1:49
3 Chelsea - Come On 2:05
4 Maniacs - Chelsea '77 2:35
5 Sham 69 - Questions And Answers 3:18
6 UK Subs - Motivator 2:26
7 Stiff Little Fingers - Tin Soldiers 5:04
8 The Ruts - Babylon's Burning 2:16
9 Angelic Upstarts - When Will They Learn 2:56
10 Red London - This Is England 4:58
11 Resistance 77 - Chelsea Girl 2:38
12 Oi Polloi - Scum 1:59
13 Attila The Stockbroker - Washington Bullets 3:34
14 The Sect - The Whole World Gets Me Down 4:07
15 Red Letter Day - Last Night 2:44
16 Anhrefn - Rhywle Yn Moscow 2:11
17 Last Rough Cause - Hey Lady 3:53
18 Crucial Youth - Turn The Other Cheek 1:35
19 Exit Condition - Plan 9 Channel 7 4:00
20 The Price - Standing In Your Way 3:19
21 Leatherface - Melody Lee 2:09
22 The Blaggers ITA - Guns Of Brixton 3:21
23 The Indestructible Beat - Capital Radio 3:25



  1. If you like this one and want to hear more such things - please leave a COMMENT here!

  2. thanx jeffen, love this compilation, def would like to hear more, check your blog everyday, great stuff mate cheers.

  3. Good Compilation.
    3 Clash covers (as said) and two Damned covers.
    To be honest, anything with Stiff Little Fingers and The Vibrators on it has got to be worth a listen

  4. never heard of this before but the bands on it look interesting. thanks.

  5. Leatherface does the Damned?

    Don't mind if I do!

    Thanks Jeffen!

  6. Hey Jeffen

    Taking a break from my jazz phase.This looks like a very nice compilation.I am liking recent stuff by Cyanide Pills,The Selecter,Vicky & The Vengents,The Shook-Ups,King Salami,Newcastle Road,Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons etc.

    Thanks for this.



    1. Amazing list - Vicky & The Vengents being my fave. I'll try to track down some of their stuff.

  7. Great album m8....Being a huge Newtown Neurotics fan I appreciate anything by the The Indestructible Beat (Steve Drewett's side band) There used to be a couple of downloads for some unreleased Indestructible Beat albums but the link's dead!! Might email The Neurotics & see if still available.....cheers for the uploads.

  8. Well I'd all but forgotten about this album - it's very good isn't it? The sleeve includes the slightly bizarre review of the Released Emotions label Clash tribute album 'The Never Ending Story' where the writer plays the record to Paul Simenon - I never tired of pointing out that The Price's version of 'English Civil War' was 'probably Paul's best one on the album'. I might start pointing it out again now... oh, I have...

    1. Well Leigh now I know what else I have to post by you guys...

    2. And why not?!?

      That said Vince from Released Emotions Records will tell me off if I don't mention that said track is available on the 'No Future : A Tribute To The Sex Pistols, The Clash And The Damned' CD which also includes our version of 'The Limit Club' among many other fine tracks, available from all good stores now...

    3. I'll put a link to that one in the post!

  9. Agreed, good compilation, not previously aware of it. Thanks - Jez

  10. This looks really interesting, many thanks will look forward to a little session this afternoon

  11. Thank you!!!!!
    Cheers from Athens Greece

  12. what's the password?!

  13. Good looking I don't have....thanks Jeffen hope all is well with you brother

    1. Hey, thanks for that cool bunch of comp.'s you just posted1

  14. Thanks! The next best thing to a Clash song is a Clash cover. Sometimes it's even, gulp, better (i'm looking at you Cut The Crap)...


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