Friday, August 2, 2013

The Price: Between the Lies (1988)

On their second single Uxbridge's The Price's (more HERE) really drove up the ante. With The Ruts' Paul Fox producing, the band upped the ferocity without sacrificing the thoughtful lyrics or the pop hooks.

All rips, scans and info come courtesy of the man himself, Mr. Leigh Heggarty, please consider leaving him (and your friendly neighbourhood blogger) a COMMENT about this fantastic material!

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  1. Thanks for the COMMENTS on the last post.
    Please let us know what you think of this follow-up single!

  2. Thanx to Leigh Heggarty and to you Jeffen for sharing this great stuff!


  3. Another winner ... a big thanks to Jeffen and,of course,The Price.

  4. Thanks for this one too!


  5. Great post again. Since Leigh has commented himself, we may get some demo's etc soon which need to be heard. On The Ice ..., now there's a classic....

  6. Even better than the first post. Thanks a lot for this.

  7. First time hearing this excellent did I miss these guys first time round?? Thanx for sharing.

  8. Glad you enjoyed our second single - this is probably my personal favourite of our releases, partly because we recorded it with Paul Fox and partly because they were good songs and the band was working well at the time. I remember working out the harmony guitars for the middle section of 'Between The Lies' and thinking that it sounded a bit like the guitar solo in 'West One (Shine On Me)' by The Ruts; when I played them to Paul he smiled and said 'that's brilliant - sounds just like West One'. I took this to be a good thing. I still do!

    1. Yup this is my fave release too and thanks for that touching Paul Fox (R.I.P.) anecdote.

  9. I had the A side from a Released Emotions sampler from the late 80's. Now I have the other song! Thanks for posting this Jeffen, and thanks Leigh for allowing this. Keep up the great work with Ruts DC too BTW

  10. So what about love is one of the best punk pop tunes of all times! Marcos

  11. I agree this was our best released work but there are some great songs which we recorded and never released .Matter of time being one of my favourites. Malcolm (The Price)


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