Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Price: The Price You Pay 7" (1988)

We've been covering the UK's political-punk underground of the eighties ('cause we're specific that way here at MRML), which allows me the honour of bringing to light the largely undervalued  Uxbridge band The Price.

The Price were led by guitarist Leigh Heggarty (his fascinating blog is here), who currently may have one of the best jobs of the 21st century - playing guitar with The Ruts, The Advert's TV Smith, Back to Zero and more besides! Heggarty's guitar word, so in demand these days, is what gave The Price's sound a fluent urgency and a melodic intensity in the same way Mick Jones did in The Clash.

Heggarty had previously led a studio-only band, Society (get it here) whose sole single came out in l980 and then another band The Others, who recorded a strong demo in the mid-80's.

The Price, also featuring Malcolm Andrews on vocals, Huggy Harewood on bass and Mick Francis on drums, did manage to tour and create a small, cogent discography in the late 80's and early 90's.

The band's debut single on So What Records (SW 001) has a propulsive reggae track, "The Price You Pay" as the AA side and a fast rocker, "The Man With the Plan as the A-side ("So What Records, the label with no B-sides", went the slogan). It's a powerful opening salvo but there was much more to come!

All rips, scans and info come courtesy of the man himself, Mr. Leigh Heggarty, please consider leaving him (and your friendly neighbourhood blogger) a COMMENT about this material!

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  1. This should be the start of a beautiful new series so please leave your COMMENTS, right HERE!

  2. Never heard of them... Great stuff. Cheers !

  3. They were a great band who unfortunately had very little vinyl releases. Good to see them getting recognised and their name spread amongst people who follow your blog. Hopefully more items to follow on them?

  4. Thanx a lot for this one. Great band!


  5. Great great great band! I have been looking for this for sometime! Thanks!

  6. Jeffen

    Thanks for this.Cheers!


  7. Well I must say that it's great to see our first single here a full 25 years (!) after it was released - thanks for the kind words, see what you think of the next one...

    Cheers - Leigh

  8. Thanks for this one Jeff (and Leigh) Been also looking for this one for ages :)


  9. First time I hear about them. Quite good! Thx !


  10. great band.I didnt know them, but they are quite good.thanks once more

  11. Great work COMMENTERS - hope you enjoyed all the Price related posts you helped make happen!

  12. Thank you for your kind comments . Its great to know that people like our music .Malcolm (The Price)


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