Monday, December 8, 2008

Killed By Volume: Three

Photo courtesy of the Mod-Punk Archives

Amongst the tiny cadre of people who care, opinions on the Invaders are divided. The pseudonymous Alan Fleagle (the infamous Shake Some Action compiler) calls their first single a "classic" (it's the first song on the first volume of the series). Then the Trouser Press said, "Take pomp-rock, shorten its sights (unpump the pomp a bit), inject a bit of youth, alternate male and female vocals and what have you got? The Invaders, who still manage to have all the snap and appeal of week-old pastry." More recently someone (...err...that was me, yesterday) labeled them "quirky not-quite-new-wave and not-quite-Deaf-School pop".

The Invaders - Best Thing I Ever Did

Now it's up to you to asses the lasting value of this bunch. Here are their four single from 1979-80 (the last two lack picture sleeves - because sometime life is sleeveless) all bundled together. Look out for "The Best Thing I Ever Did" which is a great song but perhaps as a title for a very first single it merely tempted fate.

Download Invaders Singles

For their sole album, 1980's Test Card the Invaders recycled some single tracks and added their final originals.

Download Test Card

P.S. The Invader are, alas, not related to any of the cultural phenomenon that bear their name including the kitschy-cool 70's comic book about American superheroes (Human Torch, Captain America, Sub-Mariner) fighting WWII in Britain.

Nor the New Zealand novelty rocker, "She's a Mod" by Ray Columbus and the Invaders

Though perhaps their name was partially inspired by the ultra-cool 60's TV show, The Invaders.


  1. Nice one. I've been looking for those Invader singles. Great post!

  2. That "She's A Mod" video is almost as crazy as Freddie & The Dreamers performance of "I'm Telling You Now" on Ed Sullivan. If a battle between Ray and Freddie were to take place who do you feel would have the upper hand?

  3. Hi Jeffen sometime ago you left a comment on a posting I did of the Clues.

    Ian Cook their guitarist has recently added a comment saying that I only posted 4 of the 6 tracks and that he has several mint copies that he is selling for a fiver each (link in the comment). Considering there's only 1,000 pressed looks like a good deal to me.

    So I thought you might be interested

    By the way what did you think of the NoMen?

    All the best Gary

  4. Longy

    Glad you liked - not everyone's cup o' meat but some good tracks.

    If it's dance-off Freddy'd school Ray.

    If it's about the Rock, Ray would kick Freddy to the ground with his shiny Beatle boots.


    Thanks for the update

    The NoMen are yes. Very TVP (right down the to Syd Barrtet cover) but a little more on the sing-a-long side of things.

    Nice recommendation.

    Very glad you kept up ASM by the way.

  5. Can you please re-up these someday...


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