Sunday, December 28, 2008

MRL"s Top-Twenty-Two Music Posts '08 (Full-lengths)

Why another list?
Because good bloggers spread unheard music around the world for little reward besides a few hits on the Crackmeter and stray comments. (Written as a proprietor of a blog
and a voracious consumer of the same. )
To limit the list I tried (and failed) to chose sites that:
- avoid full versions of
readily available releases
- offer full releases (single, e.p. or album) with artwork
- give a write-up offering at least
some context

1. Ammonites Demo (U.K. Two-Tone Ska, 1979) Marco on the Bass (In two parts)

2. Ruts Peel Sessions (U.K. Punky Reggae Party, 1979) Commercial Zone

3. V.A. Stiff Sounds (UK Quirk-rock, 1979) (Rocket Remnants)

4. Nils Discography (Can. Hüsker-core, 1983-1986) (Model Citizen...Zero Discipline)

5. Chumbawamba Discography* (U.K. Anarcho-punk-folk-dance) Da Terror
Contains some in-print items but for a band who once recommended people shoplift their album this should not be such a bad thing.

6. Semantics Powerbill (U.S. Slick-power-pop, 1993) Puppy Strangler

7. Gary Myrick and the Figures S/T (U.S. A.O.R. New Wave, 1980) Scott's Music Blog

8. V.A. 4 Bands Who Cold Change the World (U.S. Whoa-0h H.C. , 1986) Down Underground)

9. Seventeen A Flashing Blur of Stripped-Down Excitement (U.K. Mod-punk, 1979) Control Total

10. Red Rockers Condition Red (U.S. Clash-Punk, 1981) Sons of the Dolls

11. Numbers Add Up (Can. Power-la-la-pop, 1979) (ISKP)

12. V.A. Canuck Punk (What it says, 1977-1981) (Last Days of Man on Earth)
(Not really a comp but it plays like one)

13. Rattlers Rattled (U.S. Garagey-Ramones-pop, 1985) (Powerpopoverdose)

14. Break-Up Society James at 35 (U.S. Retro-power-pop-punk, 2004) Powerpop Overdose
(Two from one site is usually verboten but both of theses posts represented singular accomplishments in ferreting out and exposing musical obscurica.)

15. Headboys S/T (U.K. Pointy-headed new wave, 1979) Vinyl Goldmine

16. Stiv Bators The Lord and the New Creatures (U.S. Evil-pop, 1983) Power Pop Criminals

17. Billy Bragg Live '84 (U.K. One-man-Clash, 1984) Sir Charlie Palmer

18. Real Kids Outta Place/All Kinda Jerks (U.S. Power-Glam, 1977) Ratboy69

19. The Rumour Purity of Essence (U.K. New Wave of British Pub Rock [NWOBPR], 1980) Twilight Zone

20.Parasite Compost (U.S. Ultra-prolific pop-punk, 2000) Hangover Heart Attack

21. Purple Hearts Head on Collision Time (U.K. Parka-punk, 1985) Born in the Basement

22. Attila International Sandwich (US World-core, 1981) Feelin' Kinda Froggy
(This is a "Trouser Press" album", by which I mean an album long only read about until this post revealed it to be a weird and intermittently fascinating curio.)

Due to my own limitations, many great bloggers are not represented here - find more musical spadework in my blogroll.

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  1. Many thanks for including my posts about The Ammonites in your list of top music posts of 2008. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and count it among the ones I check regularly. Happy New Year!

    Marco On The Bass

  2. As I've ranted so many times the purpose of MP3 blogs is to UNCOVER forgotten music and with those Amonites posts you went above and beyond - keep up the great work!

  3. Thnaks for the mention :-)



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