Tuesday, December 30, 2008

MRL"s Best Music Posts '08: (Singles, E.P.'s etc.)

Yet an-other list?
Yup, those damn bloggers keep spreadin' unjustifiably unheard music around the world for almost zilch reward.

Remember those almost iron-clad caveats:
- avoid full versions of readily available releases
- offer full releases (single, e.p. or album) with artwork
- give a write-up offering at least
some context

This is an actual picture of the collection(or some portion thereof).

1. The Gas Ignore Me (UK Angry new wave, 1981) Power-Pop Action

2. V.A. Room to Move (Killed by Ireland, 1980) Punk Friction

3. V.A. Ca Plane Pour Moi (A "one song-many versions" post) Bleedin' Out

4. Grandpa Boy(a.k.a. Paul Westerberg) 7" (U.S. Introspective-rock, 1997) Willfully Obscure

5. Larry Wallis Police Car (U.K. Proto-greebo, 1977) Sons of the Dolls

6. Gaslight Anthem Acoustic Sessions (U.S. Heartland punk, 2008) Nuzz Prowllin' Wolf

7. The Clues Mini LP (U.K. ModSkaPop) Always Searching for Music

8. Innocents One Way Love (U.K. Girl-power-pop, 1980) Killed by Death

9. Cringer Time for a Little Something (U.S. Anarcho-pop-punk, 1991) Nothin' Sez Somethin'

10. V.A. World's in Shreds Volume 4 (U.S. Lo-fi-pop-punk) Punk archives

11. New Math Die Trying (UK High-fructose power-pop, 1979) Short Sharp Kick in the Teeth

12. DeCylinders Singles (Accented Netherlands power-pop, 1979-1981) Vibrator Buzz

13. John Fogerty Mid-period singles (Lodi swamp-rock) Power Pop Lovers (Link shows two singles, "Walkin' Down the Road", which is great and "You Got the Magic" which is not.)

14. Sleeper Wasted Today (U.S. Dischord-ant pop-punk,1993) Punks on Postcards

15. Pure Hell These Boots are Made for Walking(U.S. Bowery-punk, 1978) Last Days of Man on Earth

16. The Strike Take Action (Can. -U.S. Jam/Clash/SLF punk, 1994) Shotgun Solution

17. The Regents 7 Teen (Abba-punk, 1980) Nothin Better To Do

18. Mobster - 7" (U.K. Pop-ska, 1980) Ballistic Wax

19. Grant Hart 2541 (U.S. Mope-rock, 1988) The Blasting Concept

20. Cringer Zen Flesh, Zen Bones (U.S. Anarcho-syndicalist-pop-punk, 1988) Mustard Relics

21. The Pleasers - S/T (UK Beatles-rip-off, 1977) Ratboy

22. English Punk Invasion (A grab bag of singles) Bombs of Peace

Due to my own limitations, many great bloggers are not represented here - find more musical spadework in my blogroll.

Thanks to Totally Fuzzy for keeping tabs on so much of what goes up.

Just to add a great singles post, here' s Scotland's Rezillos (more here) with their slightly muddy 1978 BBC Sessions which includes a revamped "I Can't Stand My Baby".

Download Radio Session


  1. Where were the monkeys photographed?

  2. Chris

    Either I missed the "monkeys" reference or you're subtly reminding me that I forget to list your Goops post under best album posts

    Either way, damn me!

  3. Ahh, the Rezillos, soundtrack to my teenagedom :-) Thanks!

  4. I need to re-up that goops album. Thanks for the reminder.

    I thought I saw a picture of two monkeys on the shelves. But, hey, I failed the ink test.

  5. Off topic: I ripped that extra Chopper track that you asked for a while back, but now I've completely lost your address from my e-mail box. Can you send me an e-mail again so I can send you the mp3?


  6. Hey buddy!
    Many thanks for your #1
    Love your site!!

  7. WMM

    Ah a glorious Rezillos-fired youth, it's a beautiful thing


    Glad I reminded you to re-post that Goops and cut down on the monkeys.


    I'll get it to you soon


    Thanks - you keep up the good work over there.


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