Sunday, December 7, 2008

Killed By Volume: Two

Made in Britain was a various artists compilation from 1980 that Polydor Records released only in the United States, a fact made clear in the crude, leering panoply of cartoon stereotypes that adorn the cover and the Masterpiece Theatre-ish spoken introductions each band is given.

The packaging aside, this is an excellent little four-way-split of an LP. Excel ended their career with this quartet of songs, which includes a re-recorded "Rock Show" from their 1st single, plus "Summerof '42" from their Lost Album and two more glam-pop rockers, "I Want To Meet You" and "Tonight in the Park". West Yorkshire's The Invaders offer four tracks from their (coming soon!) album to show off show their quirky not-quite-new-wave and not-quite-Deaf-School brand of pop. Sheffield's Comsat Angles represent the droning atmospherics of post-punk for those who enjoy such things. Finally, Belfast's Protex (soon!) cherry pick the highlights of their exuberant singles, including their bubblepunk classic, "A Place in Your Heart" which sounds like the Buzzcocks shitkicking the Bay City Rollers and is, quite possibly, the greatest "unknown" song of this amazing era.

(Here's Protex with "A Place in Your Heart")

Download Made in Britain

Thanks to Dereck Von for the cover scan.


  1. Great blog, this may be a long shot but do you have any 7" inch singles from the canadian pop punk BUM? Also, there last album "Make It Or Break It." Thanks

    Also, any chance for a re-up on The Doughboys - Home Again

  2. Thanks for the add bro, I've added you too.

    Great blog! Keep it up!

  3. Yes! The Protex cut just blew me away when I bought this album at the time. A classic shoulda-beena-hit.

  4. The Fall.

    I do have a lot of those Bum obscurities but it won;t be till the summer that I have that kind of ripping time.

    Doughboys is on the re-up list.



    Yeah but for money this would've toppled ABBA from the charts.


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