Friday, March 27, 2009

Killed By Volume: Six-Point-One

Sometimes the real action is on the B-side. White Heat's (see here) second single from 1980, features "Finished With the Fashions" another broadside against late seventies excess (this time slamming the Eagles!) which has some fine drama and a good pop-reggae feel. Now flip the record (use your imagination, dammit!) and let "Ordinary Joe" infect your nervous system. The song's subject is not Joe Strummer, as a very cursory listen might suggest, but Jesus Christ himself. The song's narrative details a casual meeting with Jesus of the the type pioneered by John Prine and hacked out by a million alt-country wannabe's ever since. It is an odd story-line for late seventies London, as opposed to say, Austin, Texas but it's the fiery playing, full of inventive vocal and guitar inter-play that drives the song to sound like some big show tune stripped-down and then souped-up.

White Heat - Ordinary Joe

Download Finished With the Fashions b/w Ordinary Joe


  1. This may sound like damning with faint praise, but that's easily the best Christian Punk song of it's era.

  2. Yeah, just another Christian rock song about threatening to beat Jesus black and blue for stealing your girlfriend.


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