Sunday, March 29, 2009

Killed By Volume: Six-Point-Three

As the seventies turned into the eighties and the initial excitement over punk's cultural year zero vanished many of the angry young men of that time dug their old skeletons - Dylan, The Stones or Brucie Springsteen (as punk-polemicist Tom Robinson used to call him) - from the musical closet.

White Heat (see here), ended their career in 1981 with these six aiming-for-the-big-league Rock songs. This 12" contains re-recorded versions of two songs from their singles and four new tracks. The punk obscurists devalue it for it's classic rock (*cough* Brucie) production and playing but most of it, the title track aside, is still punchy new wave with the occasional histrionics.

White Heat - Living in the UK

Download - In the Zero Hour


  1. Hi sir,... good work for posting all white heat's records...this one is fantastic but my favourite is "Finished With The Fashions"
    thank you mate!!

  2. Yeah, I'm split between "Nervous Breakdown" and Finished With The Fashions" both have one amazing track and one not-as-good one.


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