Thursday, March 5, 2009

Singles Going Crazy II

Radon (Bill Clower - drums, Dave Rohm - guitar, vocals, Brent Wilson - bass, vocals) released this exceptional set of emo-pop-punk-hardcore on No Idea Records back in 1992. This four track e.p., the band's first release, was "...recorded in Tommy Hamilton's living room & bedroom on Georgia Street in Tallahassee, Florida." To these ears it sound like Rohm and Wilson split the song-writing, with one taking a more Dischord Records sound and one taking a Jawbreaker meets early Green Day angle. Regardless of authorship, the roaring anthem "Radon" (ah the eponymous song!) and the gritty, yet triumphant,"Facial Disobedience" shine right though the muddy production.

Radon - Facial Disobedience

All of these tracks are available on a retrospective CD, titled We Bare All, available from No Idea.

Download Radon 7"


  1. I'm starting to miss that Simple Machines 7" comp cd from back in the day...wise or otherwise?

  2. That's actually a pretty good idea for some posts.

    Lotsa good songson that CD but packing all those e.p.'s together did lessen their individual impact.


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