Saturday, March 28, 2009

Killed By Volume: Six-Point-Two

For their next single, 1981'sThe City Beat, White Heat (see here) took aim at the mainstream.

"The City Beat" is a Springteen-esque paean to the redemptive powers of dirty streets and rock n' roll - it's the Gaslight Anthem 18 years too early.

The flip side's "It's No Use", while still attacking the disco era, is even more indebted to The Boss - it's Jungleland Night at the corner of Tenth Avenue and Thunder Road! Ye-ah!

The following video is for Bob Smeaton's wonderfully-named band, Loud Guitars, who do a good Big Country-ish song before becoming radiant when they break into a viscerally rockin' version of "City Beat".

Download The City Beat

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