Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jeff Dahl and Poison Idea: Dead Boy

Following Stiv Bator's passing in 1990,two mainstays of American hardcore paid fealty. Portland's Posion Idea, the self-proclaimed "Kings of Punk" by then had spent ten years building a nasty, heavy (in at least two senses of that word) punk sound. On the other side, Hawaiian, by way of Stuttgart, Jeff Dahl (who'd played with Vox Pop and the Angry Samoans and coined the term 'speed metal' in 1982 to describe his Stooges-lovin' band Powertrip) had cranked out dozens of raw rock n 'roll L.P's and singles under a wildly shifting series of monikers.

It's a fitting tribute (I bought it on vinyl when it came out) about which Dahl says, "If I had to pick just one (favourite record) I might say the 7" single I did with Poison Idea, A Tribute To Stiv Bator. We did that recording after Stiv died and because we wanted to show our respect. Stiv was also my friend so it was my way to say goodbye to him also." I love that, alongside the Dead Boys' "Flamethrower Love", these punk stalwarts chose Stiv's most successful chart hit, "Open Your Eyes" by the Lords of the New Church to cover.

Download Dead Boy 7"
Link Fixed!!

If you enjoy this, you will be happy to know there is a CD version with six extra tracks which is still in-print.

Images of the t-shirt I bought when I saw Poison Idea in '91 in Vancouver.


  1. I had a radio show back in ciollege called "nihilism-a-go-go"

  2. That might've made a great blog title too - I suppose having a blog is the 21st century equivalent of having a college radio show back in the day.

  3. Hearing a more guitar centric, roughed up take of "Open Your Eyes" has opened mine to the appeal of TLOTNC's songs. But that production...well, I've been able to get a little B.A.D. so who knows.

    By the way, have you been able to figure out what that early 70's Velvet Underground sound alike you sent me a link to a bit ago was called? I'm going nuts trying to find out!

  4. CPB
    If I've done anything to sway you a little closer to the Lords, I'll feel a real sense of pride.

    As for that new york proto-punk band it was from a fellow blogger who wrote a post about an old fanzine writer who was dedicated to unearthing that stuff. Can't remember much beyond that; If's I sends ye a link, hang thee onto it!


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