Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lords of the New Church: Live at the Spit

We interrupt this shitload of Christian rock to bring you this Lords of the New Church Update: The Lords Live at the Spit has been found and ripped by Mr. Ollie Stench ("I'm no hero", Ollie might have said, "Just a man who loves the Lords".)

Download Live at the Spit but don't forget to leave a thank-you comment for Ollie for the nice 320 kbps rip and to go visit him here (He's posted four MORE Live Lords shows to boot.)


  1. Well I think I can go ahead and burn one of the coolest all live Lords comp's ever now ! Thanks to Ollie, JEFFEN and Nuzz you guys are great ! I have a live video I got in japan (not certain of the date or place) I've never transfered a VHS to my computer yet but I'm willing to give it a try if anyone is interested ? I'll dig it out and get the info ok... Thanks again for all the great music.

  2. I'm no hero, just a guy who loves the Lords!

    Glad to be of service. I'll dig around and see if I have any other live shows. I had a few on cassette that I got in trades years ago.

  3. Rev.

    Glad to have helped get all this stuff.
    If you can rip that VHS and upload it'll I'll post it- the kids love the Lords.

    As I've said before I'll keep posting Lords as long as people keep offering stuff and people keep enjoying it!

  4. 4 more live Lords shows posted on my blog


    feel free to repost them anywhere you want.

  5. Many thanks for finding this one Jeffen and yes Ollie,for a Lords fan then you are a hero. Cheers lads.

  6. It's fascinating how this series of Lords posts ricocheted around our tiny corner of the internet. It kinda makes this whole enterprise worth doing.

    Glad to know you're still kicking over at PF (I know the feelings that inspired that irked post of yours pretty well - thanks for being a devout commenter here!)

  7. Cheers Jeffen and your right about the Lords.

  8. I hope to download "Live at the Spit" soon as I get my new laptop hooked up. That'll be the first thing I do. Converted "The Method to Our Madness" from LP to .wav's years ago, listen to it on CD more often than not but am just now learning about all of Stiv's older stuff, his untimely death in 1990, The Dead Boys and this live stuff. Can't believe it took this long to discover. Better late...


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