Monday, September 21, 2009

Oxymoron: Crisis Identity

Oxymoron continued on though the nineties and early aughts but they never topped "Crisis Identity", the A-side of this 1996 single. The basic chugging elements of Oi! are still all accounted for but they're sneaking in disparate elements. Listen to those the big melodic guitar lines alongside the rousing gang vocals that are almost Beach Boys like and ...
The Beach Boys?

Okay, well, scratch that maybe, "the song sounds like the sweet spot between Stranger Than Fiction era Bad Religion and ...And Out Come the Wolves era Rancid" would be more accurate if less likely to chuff off both Oxymoron AND Beach Boys's fans. Just listen:

Download Crisis Identity 7"

Don't forget to visit Frequency 7, where their series on great American Oi! band The Subversives continues.

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