Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lords of the New Church Live!

It is said by many that the stage was where the Lords reigned. Now is the time to come to your own conclusion. We here at MRML like the studio albums both in spite of and because of their eighties production. There a squirm-inducing moments all over those albums where you wish there'd been a stronger, smarter producer at the board. That being said, there's something cheerfully subversive about the clash between the band's imagine (not to mention their pedigree and lyrical stance) and their pop aspirations. It's ironic but not in a laugh at it kinda way but in an unsettling sort of way. I miss having a band with such complications messing up the pop/underground dichotomy.

Download Open Your Eyes CD (Live In New York, Oct. '82)

Download Scene of the Crime (Live in Zurich, January '85)

Still no "Live at the Spit, though I found a boot from an '82 Boston show that is probably the right one but it's in .WMA , so I'll just wait till a reader can offer us a good copy. Anyone?

Don't miss out on more live Lords from the Nuzz Prowlin Wolf!


  1. I think I was at that NY show. I am so freaking old.

  2. Nice one Jeffen. Thanks for these two. Top man!

  3. I have a bootleg record called paralyzed anyone got this.

  4. Nazz
    Hey, that's the benefit of being old- bragging about the shows you've seen!

    Glad you enjoyed, when I can fianlly post "Spit" I'll be able to say 'all done'.

  5. pjn
    Cool! Do you have cover scans?

  6. will try and scan it
    later today

  7. got it scanned
    could uopload scans to rapidshare if you want?

  8. Please and could you upload the MP3's too?



    Only have it in record form at the moment. Dont have a working player or i would convert it. About 17 yaers since i played it. Will do me best to borrow a player and see what i can do. track list is wrong last 2 track are not on it.

  10. I have Live @ The Spit on vinyl. Don't think I've made a cd rip of it yet but I will happily add it to the stack and post you a link when I get it done.

  11. Ollie Stench (great name!)

    Let 'er rip and then let us know. Thanks!

  12. pjn

    Thanks for the excellent scans! Let us know when the ripping is done.

  13. Lords Live @ The Spit 320kbs


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