Sunday, October 17, 2010

Belle & Sebastian: John Peel Christmas Album

B & S on MRML?
Call it payback for the misdeeds of my toddler and the record he destroyed (see this post).

Xmas Peel Album link is in the comment

Speaking of comments, brickbats or bouquets are welcome.

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  2. This is great. Thanks!

    1 O Come, All Ye Faithful 2:30
    2 Christmas Time is Here 1:41
    3 Santa Claus 2:42
    4 Step into My Office, Baby 4:08
    5 Jonathan David 2:59
    6 Santa Claus, Go Straight to the Ghetto 3:24
    7 Photo Jenny 3:04
    8 Silent Night 2:32
    9 O Little Town of Bethlehem 3:52
    10 Santa, Bring My Baby Back to Me 1:49
    11 If You Find Yourself Caught in Love 3:31
    12 The Boy with the Arab Strap 4:55
    13 O Come, O Come, Emmanuel 3:28
    14 Get Me Away from Here, I’m Dying 3:47
    15 I Took Some Time for Christmas 2:49
    16 The Twelve Days of Christmas 3:44

  3. fulltext

    nice addition

    I'm sorry, deeply sorry (though I seriously considered threatening to post nothing but BS till someone found me the Red Fisher single.)

  4. But Christmas carols? In October?

    I'd never thought I'd ask for Tom Lehrer, but here I am...

  5. Bio
    Hey my love of Tom Lehrer is bottomless but as for BS XMAS I honoured the request of the man who's record my toddler destroyed without (a great deal) of hesitation.

  6. I can accept that.

    But please, no more Xmas carols for at least a month!

    Don't suppose you caught either of the D.O.A. shows this weekend?

    I haven't seen the present line up yet. Don't know how they measure.

  7. Saw D.O.A. on Friday and they killed. I did a big interview with Joe, the short version is linked on the sidebar and the looooong version will be on The Big Takeover this week.

  8. Thank you so much. Always a great and thoughtful blogspot.

  9. Now be thankful. A great and fun recording. And barely too early here in the states where the radio stations that go to all Xmas have rapidly moved from after Thanksgiving to the week before Thanksgiving to after Halloween to just about NOW.

    Putting aside this recording, I really do love this site because although it is "punk" focused it does not restrict itself to just punk recordings.

    Rock on.

    Ace K.

  10. bglobe

    "...although (this site) is "punk" focused it does not restrict itself to just punk recordings."

    Really I couldn't sum up my mission statement any better.



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