Saturday, October 16, 2010


A good man loaned me this 7" by Red Fisher for the purpose of posting it here. I squirreled it away waiting to get my computer hooked-up to my stero. Then my two-year-old happened. While I did not witness the act, I can surmise that the following happened. He first pulled the cardboard mailer from its hiding spot. Then, ignoring the cassette inside, not to mention the 10" Tom Lehrer album just beside it, he removed the single. Next after taking off the plastic bag, he removed the picture sleeve before pulling the vinyl itself out of the paper sleeve. Finally, he took a pen to the vinyl, hacking it without remorse.

When I found it, I was almost in tears and just kept repeating "But it's not mine!" over and over.

If you've ever cared for a toddler, you'll know they have a heightened, almost mystical sense for what is valuable (or dangerous) and an urge to destroy (or play) with that thing.

So readers, I am now in need of a replacement copy and ANY HELP towards finding one would be welcomed with joyous thanks (not to mention cold hard cash $$$ where necessary).

Obviously my Canadian readers are more likely to be of help but as the record is on the Swiss label Off The Disk Records and was likely released to accompany a European tour (circa 1991) my thin hope is spread a little more evenly.

Any assistance you can offer (whether giving a possible lead or just passing this request along) would be enormously appreciated!


  1. Sorry I can't help you Jeffen.

    Are there any Weakerthans fan forums or message boards you could post on?

    I'm sure some Winnipegger has to have one going spare...

    Best of luck!

  2. Oh noes! The RIAA has co-opted our children!

    Seriously, I am sorry to hear about this unfortunate event. I suggest that you put the child in mittens, or better yet boxing gloves, for the remainder of the year.

    When he gets to college and writes home for money, remind him of this

  3. Go to - the guy who runs the blog, did Off The Disk Records, so hem ight be of help.

    good luck


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