Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Graham Parker & The Rumour: Hempstead, NY 1979-06-06 (FM)

To celebrate Graham Parker and The Rumour's Big Year (more details HERE) MRML's been digging into the 'GP stuff' folder, to bring you wide-ranging section of rarities, bootlegs and out-of-print wonders. We've covered Chairman Parker (avec et sans Rumour) extensively before (see HERE) and will continue to do so....

Graham Parker and The Rumour
Calderone Concert Hall
Hempstead, NY
June 6, 1979
WLIR FM Radio Broadcast


01 Discovering Japan
02 Local Girls
03 Protection
04 Don't Get Excited
05 Back To Schooldays
06 Passion Is No Ordinary Word
07 Howling Wind
08 Heat Treatment
09 Stick To Me
10 Mercury Poisoning
11 You Can't Be Too Strong
12 Love Gets You Twisted
13 I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down
14 Don't Ask Me Questions
15 Saturday Nite Is Dead
16 Nobody Hurts You
17 Soul Shoes
18 encore applause
19 I Want You Back (Alive)
20 New York Shuffle

GP fans - what do you make of this '79 era bootleg? Do you wanna hear more Parker rarities? Let us know in the COMMENTS section

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  1. You're words are welcome!

  2. Thanks for the Graham Parker!! Calderone Concert Hall was a great venue. Formerly a movie theater now I think it is a church! Saw Joan Jett there many years ago before she hit it big.

  3. yes, PLEASE! and thanks for your blog BTW!

  4. thank you for all the fine Graham Parker stuff! i was happily surprised his new album is so good - with even a few jaw-dropping songs just as jaw-droppingly good as "you can't be too strong" was, back in the day:)

  5. thank you so much for this... and happy new year !!!

  6. Mercury poisoning is my favourite.


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