Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Mockers: Republican Girl (2012)

Virginia's The Mockers are a rare beast, a power-pop band with a lyrical edge or as they call it "Powerpop with a twist of bitters." Thirty years into their career, such as it is, and The Mockers refuse to stand pat, evidenced by how they've stuffed their new E.P with show-tunes, Christmas carols and political broadsides like "Republican Girl".  



  1. I got a Mockers CD as a promo once, back in the '90s ("Somewhere Between Mocksville and Harmony" I think it was called) -- it pretty much sucked all the way through, plus they included a corny scripted "argument" before one of the songs, which was the band members heatedly discussing 'how Lennon and McCartney would've done it', like they were comparing themselves to the Beatles or something. I thought it was pretty lame.

    I got a few junky 'power pop'/'mod' CDs around that same time -- Manual Scan was another one. All crap.

  2. Actually the second album by The Mockers is quite good.Like Roy Loney and Kurt Baker,The Mockers are quite popular in Spain.I wonder if Roy Loney has one more album left in those old bones!


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